Penny Etheridge, managing director of Radiant Hair Consultancy, is often asked ‘Is running a hair salon the hardest job in the world?’ Here, she gives us her answer:

penny etheridge

No – however, it seems sometimes we can make it that way! It takes one to know one, as I have been there myself: trying to do it all, blaming staff for not being like ‘me’, not delegating enough, not addressing issues that needed my attention yet focusing on matters that, quite honestly, shouldn’t have occupied my time.

From runaway success and okay, I admit, the occasional (ouch) bitter failure, I can tell you that running a hairdressing salon, whether you are the manager or salon owner, boils down to three main areas that I refer to as the ‘3 C Model’:

1.  Commit to Excellence (set your benchmarks and regularly re-evaluate them)

2.  Constantly Deliver (to customers, your team, yourself, supply companies)

3.  Correct Delegation (empower people to feel part of the big picture)

Embracing these three areas in your day-to-day running of the salon will reward you and everyone else with a profitable, professional business that’s a lot easier to control and a lot more fun!

So here’s a tip for you from C1:

Commit to Excellence

Every day for a month get a commitment from your team (that includes you by the way) to  ‘action’ one specific task that day.

Here’s how it could work:

10 minutes before start of play (which for us means opening the doors for business) gather everyone together for a ‘commitment hug’. Using post-it notes, everyone then writes down one positive task they promise to commit to that day, for example:

·  I commit to keeping my section spotless all day

·  I commit to washing and putting away all my lunch/break items

·  I commit to talking to every client about the correct shampoo to use at home

Get the picture!

The post-it notes are then put up where everyone can easily see them throughout the day (preferably away from clients’ eyes).

Just small promises that are easy and best of all their idea – and let’s be honest, should probably be happening anyway.

The next day do exactly the same – just new commitments!

By doing this you are developing a culture of accountability through promises from everyone that works at the salon. No one really wants to break their promise, especially if they made it in front of everyone else. Encourage the team to encourage each other on keeping their commitments each day and constantly re-evaluate.

– Penny

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