Project X, Project Colour and Project SASSOON

April was a jam-packed month for The Fellowship Project Teams – with 3 team days taking place on the same day! Project Sassoon spent their day with Sassoon’s very own, Riess Hatcher, whilst Project Colour spent their day with 2021 British Hair Colour Technician of the Year, Siobhan Haug, and Project X focused on all things afro with textured hair specialist, Naomi Brooks. 

Project X spent the day at The House of Keune by Bloom in London with mentor Naomi Brooks, afro & textured hair specialist/educator and owner of The Hair Sanctuary in Manchester.

Naomi showcased how to cut and style curly hair, focusing on the curl-by-curl method. She gave the team insight into her tips and tricks, highlighting the different product choices for different curl patterns and how to dry with a diffuser. The afternoon was reserved for giving the team the opportunity to put into practice what they had been taught.

Hannah Marcia Larden comments: “Had a great day covering how to cut and care for textured hair. Naomi covered all the foundations from noticing different curl patterns and how to execute a dry curly cut and the importance of cleansing and treating the hair correctly. I took away more in depth product knowledge and different methods and techniques I can’t wait to use and share with my clients!”

Lucy Melvin added: “We were taught the curly cut which I have never done before. It was amazing to see how the shape was formed using this technique. The finishing look was beautiful and I will be using this technique in my salon daily life. Naomi was very informative on which products to use on which hair curl and the importance of cleansing and treating the hair. Thank you so much.”

Project Team Leader: Lisa Farrall Project Team Support: Annie Franklin & Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy Project X Team Members:            

  • Chris Grimley, Fusion Hair Co
  • Lucy Melvin, Diamond Appearance
  • Kayleigh Byrne, Tribe Clapham
  • Charlotte Illi, Brooks & Brooks
  • Allie Harknett, Tribe Chislehurst
  • Stevie-Leah Loscombe, Blue Tit
  • Chelsey Stone
  • Olivia Brady, The Honeycomb Hair
  • Hannah-Marcia Larden, Hair by Hannah Marcia
  • Jacob Scully, Scully Scully
  • Phoebe Friend, SHAG!
  • Jamie Leigh Bailey, Meraki Hair Ashby

Project Colour spent the day with Siobhan Haug at her luxury award winning salon, Haug London Haus.

In 2021, Siobhan was awarded British Hair Colour Technician of the Year for her unique creativity and a desire to always make her clients feel amazing. This award highlights her incredible colouring skills as well as her passion and knowledge of hair and trends.

Siobhan has an eye for detail and an understanding of what works for different hair types and textures, using colours matched to work with her clients skin tone and life style.

The team spent the first part of the day collaborating on ideas and going through the trends of upcoming look and converting them into section patterns. The afternoon was reserved for all hands on with colour, using Schwarzkopf colour products. 

Kara Sanderson comments“The day with Siobhan was amazing. Hearing all about her career and how she ended up doing what she’s doing was so inspiring, it excites me to know more about the industry and what we could achieve with endless opportunities. I loved the way all her techniques showed simplicity is key to a bespoke end result! Can’t wait to try new techniques out with clients that are all about knowing what’s on trend!”


Emma Clark added: “It was an exceptional day spent with the Fellowship Project Colour Team. It was especially meaningful for me as our course leader, Siobhan Haug, happens to be the wife of Philipp Haug, whom I previously worked with backstage at London Fashion Week in September. Philipp was amazing and so friendly, and I was thrilled to meet his wife and learn from her too. Since I’ve been using Schwarzkopf products for 16 years, it was even more exciting to learn from the best with a brand I believe in and love. We jumped into new techniques and discovered how to identify upcoming trends, which is always tricky. Overall, it was another great and inspiring day with a wonderful team that has now become great friends.”

Project Team Leader: Daniel Couch Project Team Support: Morgan Graham Project X Team Members

  • Troy Boyd, Anthony Salon Salons
  • Claire Keith, Architect Hair Salon
  • Kerry Bywater
  • Kelly Evans, Neptune Studio
  • Lucy Wilding, Charlie Milz Hair
  • Kara Sanderson, Brooks & Brooks,
  • Karis Woodward, Karisamy Hair
  • Katie Andruszczak, Hair Directory
  • Daniella Fowler, Headmasters, Sutton
  • Emma Clark, Room 23
  • Dean Lawton Taylor, Clipso
  • Amelia Krasinski, KH Hair

Project Sassoon spent the day at the House of Sassoon with colour expert, Riess Hatcher, the Principal of the Sassoon London Academy.

The day was colour focused, working on live models and learning new creative colour techniques. Riess gave the team insight into how to broaden their creativity and step outside their comfort zone, doing new patterns which they had never done before. 

Marcos Garcia comments: “What a great day with Project Sassoon. Attending the colour day I wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone as this was first time ever doing colour! I was guided by Riess who showed me what to mix and how to apply and the results were amazing. We let full creativity flow and even decided to allow the look to come to us by evolving the idea as the process went on. Riess was a brilliant teacher and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. He then demoed a gorgeous colour that was Sassoon through and through. All in all had the best day and feeling fully inspired.”

Callum Bates Siney added: “Had a fantastic day learning some colour techniques I have not done before. I wanted to push myself as much as I could to do something different. Learning creative colour to an extent I’ve not done before. Riess also did a fantastic demo for us to learn even more techniques, had a mega session and as always had such an amazing time with everyone!”

Project Sassoon Team Leaders: Kitty Latham & Pink Grubb Project Sassoon Team Members:

  • Ellie Rider, Collective Studios
  • Joanna Jones, The Empress & Co
  • Callum Bates-Siney, William & Mary Hair & Beauty
  • Bela Nunes, Quay Street Collective Hairdressing
  • Marcos Garcia, Tonics
  • Cheryl Poulter
  • Rosa Nockles Moore, DK UK
  • Kaitlyn White, Trinder Hair Studios
  • Sarah Dawes, West Suffolk College