Rainbow Room International Exchange Square Launch Zoom Consultations

Rainbow Room International’s Royal Exchange Square salon is embracing technology to launch its brand-new initiative – Zoom Consultations.

The Royal Exchange Square salon have been working behind the scenes, trialing a number of Zoom Consultations with clients in preparation for the official launch in line with their 30-year anniversary.

In its 30 years of business, Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square has made it their mission to evolve with the times and become more digital and accessible for their team and for their clients. Last year, the salon introduced the team to having their own columns on their phones and being able to be fully in control of their own columns – what days they work and what hours they work, with the main aim of increasing productivity and motivation at work and giving their team a better work life balance. This year, they wanted to continue to develop themselves into the digital world and have launched Zoom Consultations to allow clients to get their hair consultations in the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them.

Discussing the benefits of Zoom Consultations, David Nicolson, Director of the Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square Salon, said “Zoom Consultations have so many benefits. Many clients do not have the time to travel to the salon for a consultation before their appointment, and this allows us to perform their Zoom Consultation online, without them having to leave the house, taking up more of their time and their money in travel expenses.

It also allows us to reach a wider audience, as clients who are based further away will feel more inclined to visit the salon if they don’t need to come in for both a consultation and an appointment.

Another benefit of Zoom Consultations is keeping connected with clients. We can do as little or as many Zoom Consultations as the client likes. If a client simply wants to chat to us about any issues they are having with their hair or would like to have some haircare or styling advice, we can arrange a Zoom Consultation to discuss this further. This in turn helps us to build and maintain our client relationships and gain client trust and loyalty.”