Real sustainability in hair extensions

The movement to reduce plastic waste was growing but since we have been dealing with the pandemic salons are being encouraged to use single use plastics and bin. Remi Cachet has been developing their eco credentials over the last few years and are finding that they salons already committed to recycling are continuing with that but want to encourage more salons and stylists to think about recycling and re-using more.

Super Stylist Asya CannurI’m so big on this and hate the amount of waste COVID is also producing.  I refuse to create more waste and used my time in lockdown to seek out more re-usable items.  Re-using and re-filling is far better option than just recycling.  I do like to try and educate clients about all the steps I have taken and the eco brands I work with and hope that a little of it might brush off on them to also make small changes.” Asya extends her eco-friendly outlook to her home life too and

For Remi Cachet sustainability starts with their hair ranges being ethically sourced.  For example, their Elegance Range sourced from Mongolia and Russia with hair donors, giving their healthy & untreated hair in plaits in return for a reasonable payment.  The simplified eco-packaging has been rolled out across the business, from paper sachets for their Twin TabsⓇ and Pro TipsⓇ, to recyclable pots for the Mini and Ultra LocksⓇ and hessian bags for the Clip-In Deluxe for clients to reuse and keep their hair safe.  Their latest packaging for their signature Elegance Range has in fact reduced the packaging in size by at least 75% and is made from biodegradable plastic. 

We understand that most packaging goes straight in the bin and so we wanted to reduce this and also encourage greater recycling.   We want to invest money into our hair quality and products, and less focus on fancy packaging that ends up in the waste bin.  Where we do use plastics, we are pleased it is fully recyclable and even bio-degradable.  The smaller packets have a benefit to the size of the parcels being shipped too, all helping to reduce packaging and waste.” Adds founder Victoria Lynch.

Aftercare is also available in 5L tubs with pumps to allow stylists to refill client’s smaller 250ml bottles at appointments.

The hair quality means that the hair lasts 12 months with care, so clients can re-use their hair and get more from their investment.    And finally, when they are ready to remove their extensions, the hair recycling scheme takes the hair back to re-use it to clean up the world’s oceans.    Super Stylist, Jo Fox, recently shared how much “it pains me to think of the amount of hair that has been put in the bin. The idea that it can be recycled is just amazing, that this hair is not going to sit in landfill and actually do some good for the environment.  I literally don’t bin any removed hair now and have a little corner of my salon where it goes in a bag until I can send in.  My clients love the recycling hair journey and that their hair is going to do good.” 

Remi Cachet continues to look at ways to become more sustainable and recyclable, but know that the key for them is the stylists who want to make greener changes to their work life and share this passion with their clients sat in the chair to encourage them to think and look to make changes. 

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