Reply with AI – salonspy simplifies salon reviews

salonspy, the hair industry’s trailblazing, verified review platform, has launched an automated and personalised response function named which is set to turbo-boost customer satisfaction and transform the salon experience.

According to Qualtrics, 96% of consumers read a review before purchasing – with 86% of those consumers specifically seeking out reviews with responses. The reason? salonspy founder Adam Thomas explains that when researching a purchase or service.

 Adam says: “The majority of consumers are more focused on and invested in how issues are handled by a company, than what the issue actually was. Consumer peace of mind comes from knowing that should there be a problem, it will be thoughtfully received and well handled.”

Adam explains that repeat reviews are also crucial, particularly in a service industry such as hairdressing, and clients are much more inclined to leave reviews after every appointment if they see that those reviews are valued. 

He says: “Don’t take my word for it! Salv Mulé, Academy Salons has the stats to back it up; his salon was averaging a 25% response rate for reviews, and after implementing the function, that increased to 90% in just 4 weeks.”

With over 2000 salons currently using salonspy the easy-to-love (and even easier to use) review software, salonspy takes real-time insights from client feedback and provides the insight needed to help grow your business and enhance the customer experience.

Packed with intelligent features that benefit your business, salonspy puts you in control, gathering customer reviews for your salon – both positive and negative – and solutions to act on the feedback. All of this is with your confidential data totally protected and unseen. 

The new function has been rigorously tested over the last few months to ensure authentic responses that are in keeping with each salon’s unique tone of voice. The salonspy team have ‘trained’ GPT-4 (ChatGPT’s sibling)– an AI ‘chatbot’ similar to Chat GPT – on how to reply to reviews for hair salons, repeating and revising the process to ensure a flawless service that is both personalised to the salon and written for SEO optimization.

The launch of confirms its front-runner position as a pioneering platform in the hairdressing and beauty industry, dedicated to providing verified insights and transformative experiences for both salon owners and customers. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, salonspy is reshaping the industry’s digital landscape, providing user-friendly, results-driven software that cuts through admin whilst freeing up time for clients and creativity.