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Lindsey Watson took the leap to pursue a career in aesthetics at the age of 52. As the proud owner of Elle Jay Aesthetics, we share her story and how she paid off her advanced 3D Aesthetic device in just 60 days. 

Meet Lindsey Watson, a former NHS nurse who decided to pursue a career in aesthetics at the age of 52. Three years later, she is now the proud owner of Elle Jay Aesthetics, employing a team of four amazing individuals who, together with Lindsey, contribute to the clinic’s thriving success.

Following a visit to 3D Aesthetics HQ in early 2023, Lindsey decided to introduce their advanced technology into her business to add to her existing treatment offering, and within an impressive 60 days, she was able to pay off her initial investment with 3D Aesthetics.

While working in private hospitals, Lindsey gained insight into the aesthetics sector and watched some of her colleagues enter this industry. As the lockdown eased, she began her own journey. Lindsey went on to complete courses designed for medical professionals and rented a room in a clinic while still working for the NHS. She gradually built her presence through open days and social media, eventually opening her very own clinic as she got busier, leading her to leave her full-time job as an advanced nurse practitioner.

While researching new clinic equipment, Lindsey came across companies and devices that were in her words ‘way too expensive’ to offer affordable treatments to her clients; she said: “Some of the machines were £100,000 each with costly consumables. As a result, the price point for the treatments was also very high. They also didn’t offer the scope of treatments that machines like 3D HydrO2 Facial or 3D lipo-ultimatepro offer.”

After Lindsey visited the 3D Aesthetics head office and experienced the machines first hand, she decided to invest in the 3D lipo-ultimatepro, 3D HydrO2 facial and Dermalux Flex MD—and soon after she found the introduction of the machines significantly impacted her clinic. The positive feedback from her clients and the remarkable results achieved through the treatments led to a surge in demand. Clients experienced incredible transformations, including substantial inch loss and boosted self-confidence.

Lindsey said: “We have a lot of ladies with ‘mummy tummy’ and ‘menopause belly’. The 3D lipo-ultimatepro is fantastic for this. We tend to do a one-off treatment with cryolipolysis, followed by at least four sessions of a combination of cavitation, radio frequency and shockwave. One lady lost 20cm from her waist in 12 weeks after one cryo and four combination treatments. Another lady said she’s bought a bikini for the first time in years!”

Commenting on her return on investment, Lindsey said: “I looked at my figures, and since I bought the machines five months ago, my turnover increased by £62k. I can now pay myself more than I was getting in the NHS, pay other people a decent wage, and still reinvest in the business.”

Lindsey emphasised the impact of 3D Aesthetics, she said: “Don’t hesitate! The machines do exactly what you need them to do, are a good price, and treatments sell very well. This week alone, we’re doing 32 body sculpting treatments with 3D lipo-ultimatepro, six 3D HydrO2 facials, four radio frequency treatments using 3D HydrO2 facials, and six 3D Powersculpt treatments.”

Lindsey’s partnership with 3D Aesthetics extended beyond the machines themselves. She’s happy with the after-sales support and guidance she’s received, including training, engineering support and marketing. These resources enhanced Lindsey’s marketing strategies and ensured the success of her promotions and machine launches. She said: “The company has family values and is very supportive of its clients. They want you to succeed and do everything they can to help you with this, including the free marketing sessions.”

From significant inch loss to increased self-care and confidence, Lindsey’s clients have experienced transformative results that have positively impacted their mental wellbeing.

Lindsey Watson’s success story showcases the power of 3D Aesthetics in propelling the growth of her clinic. Through their affordable and versatile machines, Lindsey was able to provide a diverse range of treatments that met her clients’ needs. The exceptional results and positive word-of-mouth referrals have solidified her clinic’s reputation as a go-to destination for aesthetic services. With the ongoing support of 3D Aesthetics, Lindsey looks forward to expanding her offerings and continuing to impact her clients.