Rugby Union Winger Noah Cato visits Elizabeth Caroline for some well deserved pampering

Noah Cato, a winger / fullback for the Aviva Premiership rugby union team Northampton Saints, has been hard at training ready to be in tip-top shape ahead of the start of the season this September.

Taking some time out for some well-deserved R&R, Noah proves it’s not just women who like to be pampered. The Aquavie Boutique Spa is well known for its healing treatments and relaxing atmosphere and so Noah decided to pay a visit to its founder, Elizabeth Caroline.

A holistic therapist and advanced cosmecuetical skincare consultant for more than 15 years, Elizabeth combines her knowledge of therapies such as massage, Reiki Healing, Ayurvedic and Eastern Therapies, with more traditional cosmecuetical skincare techniques, to bring you “Elementals” by Elizabeth Caroline.

Elizabeth began with her “Elementals Massage” using her unique ability to ‘connect’ with her clients on a deeper soul level bringing new life to Massage Treatments, unlike anything Noah has ever experienced before. Through incorporating the use of exotically aromatic massage balms, crystals, Tibetan healing tools and intuitive healing techniques, Elizabeth’s Elementals Massage soothes tired muscles, releases tension and balances the flow of chi throughout the body; leaving Noah feeling incredibly relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated.


Noah likes to take care of his appearance and was keen for a facial, but the “Red Carpet Elementals Facial” is not just any facial. It is a truly luxurious and deep healing facial, where Elizabeth invites the participant to relax and experience the complete healing journey. Through the use of organic creams and lotions, Tibetan healing tools, crystals and intuitive healing techniques this treatment promotes illumination, hydration and incredible softness to the skin, as well as balancing the energy centres of the body, and cleansing the aura.


“Every aspect of this facial has been designed to work on a deeper soul level with the client”, says Elizabeth. “The treatment ends with a short aura reading, where I explain the colours and energy patterns that may have been sensed during the treatment.”


With the ability to see auras and work intuitively with her clients, as well as her vast knowledge of advanced skincare techniques, Elizabeth takes the concept of traditional spa treatments to a whole new level.


Feeling suitably refreshed and relaxed at the end of his Spa Day Noah said to Elizabeth, “My Elementals Facial Journey and Spa Day was the perfect way to get positive mentally and re-energised physically. With a tough training period ahead it’s just what I needed. I’LL BE BACK. Thanks Elizabeth.”