Salon success coach David Drew offers advice on encouraging lucrative client re-bookings

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Clients are the life-blood of salons; the number of regular request clients is the measure of the true value of any salon business. For the salon owner, or any potential salon buyer, the income value of regular returning loyal clients to the salon represents the real equity within the business.

In recent times, and for various reasons, clients are leaving it longer and longer between visits to the salon. Today, for lots of salons, many of their regular clients are returning on average every 8-9 weeks!

It is critically important that salons train their teams to get their clients to re-book their next appointment before they leave the salon – as they are more likely to return sooner than clients who re-book themselves after leaving the salon.

To achieve this, salons need to put in place procedures and policies for how a client is dealt with, which are agreed on and followed by every team member.

The salon team must be persuaded to buy into these policies and procedures, as if they don’t believe in or agree with them, they won’t be confident in carrying them out. A great way to do this is to hold monthly team meetings to openly discuss and describe the perfect client visit to the salon. Done correctly, this should be a very motivating team experience.

Get every team member to visualise clearly in their own minds and describe what a perfect client salon appointment and experience looks like.

The team needs to agree every minute detail, write down all of the agreed criteria and place this document up on the wall in the staff room. This agreed criteria now becomes a unique salon ‘Client Service Cycle’.

This agreed ‘Client Service Cycle’ should become the main team goal for the salon. The ‘Service Cycle’ should detail every aspect of the client’s visit and their journey through the salon from the moment they walk through the door until the time they leave.

Once the salon has all the team working to the same procedure, the next step is to actually set a team goal, monitor it and give the team feedback at the monthly meetings. I would recommend a ‘re-book’ target of 80 per cent of clients re-booking their next appointment before they leave the salon.

Getting your team motivated to not only provide an exceptional service during appointments, but to think ahead and encourage re-books as part of their ‘Client Service Cycle’, will boost both loyal client relationships and, most critically, your bottom line.


David Drew



David’s blog is back next week with more tips on boosting your appointment book and nurturing lucrative client relationships.