Schwarzkopf Professional goes to London Fashion Week February 2024: Sabirah, Labrum London and KNWLS

 Schwarzkopf Professional’s premium styling range, SESSION LABEL, is once again at the forefront of fashion and hair styling at London Fashion Week, showcasing unparalleled creativity and innovation in partnership with acclaimed fashion labels. This season, Global Ambassador Nick Irwin (@nickirwinhair), alongside the talented, award-winning session stylist Mustafa Yanaz (@mustafayanaz), lead the charge in bringing select Autumn/Winter 2024 collections to life with impeccable hair artistry.

This February, Nick Irwin and his elite team of hairstylists join forces with Sabirah and Labrum London whereas Mustafa Yanaz brings his creative vision in terms of session hair to KNWLS. 

The collaboration highlights Schwarzkopf Professional’s versatility and excellence, reinforcing its status as the hair brand for hairdressers and hair aficionados alike. 

London Fashion Week: Show Details

  • Sabirah (16th February, 7pm, @sabirahofficial) – lead hair stylist Nick Irwin unveiled innovative hair looks that complemented Sabriah’s elegant designs. for collection 1.7 ‘Glamorously Modest’. A collection inspired by Dominique Deveraux, the 1980s character from the hit show ‘Dynasty’ who exuded a super glamorous, immaculate and coordinated aesthetic. Nick, summarises the hair: “It’s all about power dressing and tapping into that 80s muse, so we used false pieces – frontals – to create ‘cartoon-style hair’ and exaggerate the shapes and silhouettes to complement the overall style.” This strong partnership is also set to continue for the Spring/Summer 2025 show at London Fashion Week in September.
  • Labrum London (17th February, 8pm, @labrumlondon) – under Nick Irwin’s guidance, models wore hairstyles that mirrored Labrum London’s unique aesthetic to celebrate their 10th anniversary, ‘Designed By An Immigrant: Journey of Colours’.  Nick shares that, “The whole philosophy is on immigrant travellers, he’s an immigrant designer, and I love that. This was all about celebrating his routes – Sierra Leone – where he’s from in West Africa, and looking throughout history at how hair migrates through different tribes and different cultures. To complement this, there is a wide cast of ethnicities throughout the models…for the hair we’ve taken things like African braiding techniques and added product to it to make it feel kind of modern. We worked with various high-performing SESSION LABEL products like THE MOUSSE to allow us to control some of the nuances and textures, THE DEFINER & THE PASTE helped us when we were braiding, and we also used THE COAT as well as THE STRONG to add a clean, polished finish – I’m a huge fan of the SESSION LABEL brand!”. The team are also thrilled to announce that another collaboration is already confirmed for September’s Spring/Summer 2025 London Fashion Week show.
  • KNWLS (19th February, 12pm, @knwlslondon) – Mustafa Yanaz took the helm as lead hair stylist, bringing a dynamic and cutting-edge style that matches KNWLS’s bold fashion statements: an assertive interpretation of femininity, blending elements of danger and allure. The brand adopts a rugged, practical approach, crafting garments that serve as protective armour while redefining contemporary women’s fashion. Mustafa shares his thoughts on the hair: “I didn’t use any brushes or combs – I always do everything with my hands because I want it as natural as possible…for the KNWLS looks, imagine an upper East Side New York girl with beautiful hair, she’s going to her second party and ties her hair in a knot – she looks like she’s partied already – but her hair is still shiny and healthy. The main product I’ve used is THE MOUSSE, which I applied on the roots, and a little bit through the ends for grip. I love this product because it doesn’t make the hair crispy. Then at the end, I used THE FLEXIBLE, which is a really great hairspray… I work in session styling, and it’s really important to have the right products backstage and that’s why I use SESSION LABEL – they’re beautiful products for every hairstyle.”

International  hairdresser talents Marz Cielen (@marz_cielen), Irene de las Heras (@arienessalones) & Emilio Carillo (@ecarrillowave) supported the Sabriah and Labrum London shows, while Alessandro Fratini (@alessandrofratini_hairstylist), Marz Cielen (@marz_cielen) Emilio Carillo (@ecarrillowave), Irene de las Heras (@arienessalones), Anna Cizek (@annakatzenbeisser) and Farah Naz (@farahnazhairfarah) lent their expertise to the KNWLS show, alongside special guest Kicki Yang Zhang (@kickiyangz).

SESSION LABEL by Schwarzkopf Pro

SESSION LABEL from Schwarzkopf Professional is a comprehensive, professional styling range that is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of session stylists. With fourteen versatile products – each with a multitude of benefits developed to help hairdressers truly #CRAFTTHEDIFFERENCE – SESSION LABEL empowers stylists like Nick Irwin and Mustafa Yanaz to achieve any look, texture, or finish required for the runway and beyond. This adaptability and excellence are why SESSION LABEL remains the preferred choice for high-fashion campaigns and catwalks alike, as well as a must-have salon styler. 

Schwarzkopf Professional Online and Digital – #partnersincraft

Schwarzkopf Professional’s continual involvement in London Fashion Week is a testament to its dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation. As #partnersincraft, Schwarzkopf Professional and the featured fashion designers exemplify the synergy between hair styling and fashion design, creating a cohesive and captivating presentation for the Autumn/Winter 2024 season.

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