Schwarzkopf Professional Introduces the NEW Bonacure Sun Protect Collection: Your Ultimate Summer Hair Companion

As summer approaches, salons gear up to offer clients the ultimate solution for maintaining healthy, vibrant hair in the sun. The new Bonacure Sun Protect collection by Schwarzkopf Professional merges superior sun care with clean performance, ensuring that clients can achieve their desired holiday hair goals – healthy, shiny, and gorgeously glowing locks.

The star of the collection is the all-new Scalp & Hair Mist, a groundbreaking addition that revolutionises summer hair care routines. This leave-in spray provides SPF20 UV protection, safeguarding both scalp and hair from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Enriched with cold-pressed Coconut Oil, it not only shields against UV rays but also enhances manageability and smoothness, leaving hair feeling nourished and revitalised. The vegan formula, free from silicones and artificial colorants, ensures a clean, guilt-free application.

The collection also features two other essential products that hairdressers already know and love:

1. **3-in-1 Scalp, Hair & Body Cleanse**: Ideal for post-sun cleansing, this sulphate-free formula with cold-pressed Coconut Oil gently cleanses the scalp, hair, and body, effectively removing sand, sea water, and chlorine. Infused with Panthenol and Allantoin, it balances moisture levels and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and rejuvenated.

 2. **2-in-1 Treatment**: A versatile multitasker, this nourishing treatment replenishes and conditions summer-stressed hair. Formulated with cold-pressed Coconut Oil, it delivers intense moisture, enhancing softness, smoothness, and shine. Whether used as a conditioner or deep treatment, it offers unparalleled care for sun-exposed hair.

 “Introducing the new Scalp & Hair Mist is so significant” says Gary Taylor, Schwarzkopf Pro UK Ambassador, and salon owner “It addresses a crucial need for clients who desire sun protection without compromising on hair health and manageability. The full collection provides clients with a comprehensive summer hair care regimen as each product is designed to complement the other, ensuring that clients can enjoy their summer adventures without worrying about hair damage or dryness.”

Beyond its exceptional benefits for hair, the Bonacure Sun Protect collection is committed to sustainability. The 100% vegan formulas are free from sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, and artificial colorants, embodying a clean, planet-friendly approach. The packaging, made from up to 97% recycled plastic, underscores Schwarzkopf Professional’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

As salons prepare for the summer rush, the collection presents a golden opportunity to enhance retail sales. With consumer hair knowledge at an all-time high, salon professionals can use these innovative products to offer expert advice and personalised recommendations, ensuring that clients enjoy flawless hair care throughout the summer months.

Elevate your summer hair care game with Bonacure Sun Protect – because every hair deserves to shine under the sun!

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RRP: £27 – gift pack only, items not sold separately.

Available from May 2024.