Seanhanna creative director Skyler McDonald talks business and salon creativity

What have you been up to lately?

We have two shows coming up in the next few months so there is a lot of planning going on at the moment. We’re also are opening at least one new salon this year so recruitment and training is crucial. Plus, we’ve just been given planning permission on our Wimbledon building to extend our academy and I’m really excited to be involved in the design process.

What’s it like in the salon at the moment?

The salons have been surprisingly busy at the start of the year. Most of our branches are in growth this year and we are really excited about this as the New Year sometimes comes with a financial hangover for some clients.

Have you introduced anything new to your menu?

This month we’re launching a new Blow Dry menu for the clients. This is really exciting for us as it is the first time we are doing it. I feel it will be a hit with the clients as it already has been very positive in team training.

How about promotions?

After much debate, as a company we decided that it would be great to do a ‘Try before You Buy’ campaign. This will be attached to our new launch of our Blow Dry menu. We want to target clients that have never stepped foot into our salons to come and try a blow dry free of charge for their first visit. Our aim is to take those leads and convert them into Sean Hanna lovers.

What’s your latest product crush?

Touch of Gloss by Shu Uemura – I defy anyone who does not love this product. It is the best! I use it on almost anything.

What plans do you have for 2014?

With all the shows, the new salon and training academy, this is going to be a very exciting year for the company. We have lots of energy and a fantastic team. So mainly my plan is to run with it as fast as I can before dying of exhaustion!