Shortcuts software paves the way for mobile-friendly business

shortcuts software

With more and more clients now choosing to visit salon websites and arrange appointments on their mobile devices, Shortcuts has released its newest technology that will allow any salon, regardless of the design of its existing web presence, to take online bookings via mobile phones.

New statistics released by Shortcuts show that one in four appointments booked online in the UK in the past 12 months was done so on a tablet or smartphone, meaning that salons need to respond to the ever-growing demand of mobile clients.

The Shortcuts BookMe software is the first of its kind to use responsive technology that guarantees a streamlined process no matter what device is being used, helping salons and spas optimise their sites for lucrative online bookings.

Replacing what might previously have involved a costly web redesign to configure for multiple platforms, Shortcuts software has been created to be a seamless transition for salons and clients alike, by recognising the device that is being used and automatically reformatting the website to suit, whether smartphone, tablet or desktop. Bigger buttons, adjusted visuals and faster loading times all add up to a slicker user experience  and, ultimately, more bookings.

“More than a third of total visits to online booking sites in the UK were via a mobile or tablet,” said Tom Bentley-Taylor, Shortcuts CEO for UK and Europe, “Salons need to adapt so that they are easily visible and easy to use on any mobile device. Our online marketing suite, S.M.A.R.T., is helping our salons take advantage of the swing towards mobility, helping salons, stylists and their clients do business wherever they are, using their preferred device.’

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