Simplifying Your Salon Management

Loop HR Transforms Human Resources for the Hair and Beauty Industry.

In the busy world of salon management, the last thing any salon owner, or manager needs is the burden of stressful administration. Here we look at ways to run the most efficient salon business using HR software.

Be The Best Salon Manager You Can Be

At the helm of Loop HR is Ian Egerton, a former salon manager turned visionary software creator. It all began when Ian was juggling his roles as a hairdresser and manager and recognised the need for simplified business processes. After years of work, the result is Loop HR, a beacon of clarity in an industry filled with complex management processes.

Loop HR has one simple goal, to help salon managers be the best salon manager they can be. Of course, Loop HR has all the features you’d expect of standard HR software; but it’s transformative approach to human resources and salon management are what sets it apart. Focused on simplifying complex salon tasks, the system will not only streamline administration but also enhance the well-being and performance of your team.

The Beauty of Being Unique

Salons, much like the individuals they serve, are unique in structure and culture. Understanding this fact, ensures Loop HR stands out in the salon industry; for example, it offers five different salary structures, each carefully designed to cater to diverse salon teams and cultures: rewarding the right behaviours and providing unique insights into employee performance.

Efficiency is Key

Whether you are a HR manager or a busy salon owner, Loop HR will help you set up your HR processes; quickly organise and streamline everyday management tasks, saving you precious time and stress.

Holiday and absence management is standard, but with Loop HR, every detail is connected. No more calculators, manual recordkeeping or struggling to work out holiday pay.

Professional development is simplified, from in-house training to out-of-salon education it’s easy to share details, materials, track budgets and get employee feedback.

Performance management is straightforward and efficient, initiate and manage any style of review: improve employee engagement and securely store all information in one place.

Be a Standout Employer

What sets Loop HR apart from generic HR systems is its commitment to the salon industry’s unique needs. They have transformed how people in the hair and beauty industry are managed, fostering trust and a sense of value, recognising that the success of any salon lies in its people and leadership.

Loop HR is more than just software, it a strategic partner supporting you and your entire team, providing expert support, empowering growth, efficiency, and success. Try Loop HR for free for 30 days