Slunks, Cardiff

Welcome to Slunks, a salon space clients can trust with their vision, met with skilled hands and a keen understanding of what works for the individual. Slunks isn’t just a salon; it’s a destination for clients seeking a unique, tailored, and unforgettable experience in hair care and styling.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Cardiff, Slunks isn’t just a salon; it’s an experience. The moment you step through their doors, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of creativity and passion. The talented team at Slunks take pride in their craft, using their expertise to transform clients’ hair into a work of art. With an eye for detail and a commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest trends, Slunks ensures that each client leaves feeling not just pampered, but genuinely transformed.

The salon opened in 2011, the vision was to create an alternative destination for people looking for something more creative. Today, Slunks is an award-winning hair salon, specialising in creative colour and alternative hair design. Priding themselves on being a welcoming, open-minded, non-judgemental team of people who are passionate about hair; the salon has the infamous motto “If you can think it, we can do it!”


Achieving Excellence with SimplyHair

At Slunks, excellence is the aim of the game, and a key player in achieving this is the SimplyHair range. We sat down with the talented team at Slunks to learn more about their love for SimplyHair’s products and how it helps them achieve remarkable results for their clients.

To achieve the best results for their clients Slunks use the SimplyHair foils, they explained how the thickness of the foil is a perfect deterrant from rips and the carefully selected material avoids sticking to the hair avoiding bleach bleeds. This attention to detail and quality is a testament to SimplyHair’s commitment to providing top-notch products that salon professionals can rely on.

The other products the team rely on for top-tier salon results is their signature comb: “We also love the wide-tooth comb as it’s the perfect tool for combing out curls into a bouncy beach wave.”

The SimplyHair range doesn’t just cover the basics; it excels in providing the essential tools that help salon professionals create stunning looks with ease.


Instagram-Worthy Styles

In the age of social media, what happens in the salon doesn’t stay in the salon. Slunks has a strong presence on Instagram, where they showcase their artistry and the magic that happens within their salon walls.

They use the SimplyHair range to enhance their Insta-worthy styles: “We like to feature SimplyHair’s foils as they are so pretty –  clients always comment on the different colours and patterns.”

SimplyHair not only provides quality but also adds to your overall salon aesthetic, making their tools fit for the ‘gram’!

With a range of top-quality products from SimplyHair at their disposal, we were curious to know which ones stole the hearts of the Slunks team: “Our favourite SimplyHair product would be the foils because it doesn’t slip and catches clients’ attention, or the weaves due to their thickness and unbeatable quality.” It’s clear that the relationship between Slunks and SimplyHair is built on a foundation of trust in product quality and innovation.

Slunks, with its commitment to excellence and the support of SimplyHair, has carved out a niche for itself in Cardiff’s bustling beauty scene. Their partnership demonstrates that when you combine talent with top-quality products, the results are nothing short of stunning.