Spring hair trends

Rather than succumb to winter-induced hair hibernation, why not spring forward with a new style? We found out what looks the experts are anticipating this season…


Sam McKnight, hairdresser for Lady GaGa, Kate Moss and Princess Diana, and collaborator with fashion houses like Chanel, Fendi, Balmain and Burberry, has worked in the industry for over 30 years so is familiar with every curl, plait and up-do you could possibly imagine. Sam is now one of the most accomplished and well-respected hair stylists of his generation.

He told us that 70s topknots seen at Fendi SS19 are popular amongst his clients, currently because of the hint of sleek whilst soft on all face shapes. He said: “Wet look styles with small silhouettes like at Balmain SS19 are also being asked for a lot at the moment because it is bold and youthful, it’s a power hairstyle.”


Sam highlighted the fact that there is a natural progression with hair which people want that reflects the seasons. He said: “The aesthetic adapts to fit into how women want to feel or how their style is changing. Spring tends to bring around a softer approach to hairstyling, whilst autumn/winter brings stronger and bolder shapes and textures.”


Sam told us that springtime often sees a focus on wearable texture, whether it’s down or up. He said: “Enhancing and embracing natural texture is a trend that’s not going away.  Invest in curling tongs in different sizes, or a deep waver to create modern pre-raphaelite waves seen on the runway at Halpern Studio this season.”


Sam’s ultimate springtime look would be Chanel SS19 show: “Its beach hair, but luxe. Healthy, shiny hair that moves. And of course, with an accessory, it’s the perfect way to make a statement.”

International hair stylist Alicia Dobson has worked with many celebrities throughout her career including Katie Price, Jess Wright and Lucy Mecklenburgh. We approached Alicia to find out what looks she thinks will be most sought after this springtime. She said: “Volumized waves have been very popular already amongst her clients as we approach spring, as they are a modern, timeless look and very versatile to match any occasion.

“I’d say we are going from the structured hair to texturized hair as we enter spring as I feel like the bohemian babe style is always popular with my clients when the sun starts to shine. Braids are a must in the spring, keeping the hair tidy.

“I wouldn’t say there are any styles to stay clear of over spring; but I like to see what looks I can add a pop of colour, gloss and glam to.”

Alicia told us that her ultimate spring hair look would be a powerful ponytail with a little bit of texture as this look is often suited to everyone and can take you from day to night.

Schwarzkopf’s digital ambassador Ashley Gamble told us: “It is really exciting to see people getting more adventurous with their colour as we move in to spring. That’s not just reflected through catwalk trends like the pastel tones at the recent Mary Katrantzou show, but also through social media. Clients find no end of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and it’s our job as salon owners to manage their expectations and translate those looks in to wearable and suitable for them.”

Ashley explained that trends aren’t as structured as they used to be because of the huge influence of social media. Despite saying trends aren’t as popular, he added: “Blonde is always more common as we move towards spring. Clients are starting to think ahead to summer and that often means starting the process of lightening up their colour. With techniques like balayage and free-hand colour, we can create bespoke, natural blondes that subtly get brighter and lighter as we move into summer.”

According to Ashley, spring is all about natural, organic and beautiful hair, and because of this he would probably avoid anything too stiff or rigid at this time of year. He said that he would opt for something involving pastel colours, anything from a subtle watercolour wash or something bolder. This image of the bob which Ashley created demonstrates a more dramatic take on the trend. Ashley added: “You could easily strip it back and choose just one shade or a subtler placement to make it more wearable day to day.”

With spring being popular for floral prints and pastel shades, the best way to describe this season’s hair according to celebrity hair stylist Jack Luckhurst would be very flowy and natural looking: “Nothing that is harsh or anything that could be described as ‘in your face’.”

Jack told us that his work alters with the seasons, and of course with what the trends are at that time of year. A tousled wave is one of Jack’s signature looks and his my most frequently asked hairstyle of this season.

Spring is one of Jack’s favourite seasons, but he highlighted how styles change all of the time: “Every year season trends are different. Styles come in and out like the blink of an eye, when summer approaches a lot of people love something current and usually something that keeps the hair out of their face.”

A look which demonstrates this is the Ariana Grande inspired, super-sleek high-ponytail hairstyle which was 2018’s must have. Jack said: “It was one of my most loved hairstyles and is still requested by a lot of clients, even now.”

Hair accessories will be ‘in’ this spring according to Jack. He told us “Doing something simple with a small accessory can add another dimension to the look. Headbands are making a big comeback at the moment and they are great for this time of year to pull the hair away from the face”.

Jack said that there isn’t a specific look that he would steer clear of in the spring as English weather is so unpredictable: “We don’t know whether it’ll be snowing or beaming with sunshine! Everyone has certain things that they love and will continue to have all year round. For example I specialise in blow drying and styling, which is suitable for every season because you cannot go wrong with a bit of bounce!

“My ultimate spring look would be a relaxed wave in the hair with no volume at all, creating life and body for the hair.”

Sophie Sugarman, ghd brand warrior and freelance hair stylist, agrees with our other expert opinions that hair trends definitely change depending on season. Sophie told us: “This spring, shorter hairstyles are changing from ‘lobs’ to ‘bob’s’ and hair accessories are becoming a main statement.

The ghd warrior said: “This spring, effortless waves are here to stay.” Sophie told us that in order to create this particularly soft look she uses the ghd platinum plus stylers which are versatile to use every day for plenty of other styles too.


After asking Sophie if there are any specific hair styles to stay clear of as spring approaches, she said: “Personally I would never say that there is a hair style to stay clear from. Different types of people suit different styles. I personally love rocking a wave during summer time, then going straight in the colder months, but that is personal preference.


“My ultimate springtime look would be rocking your inner natural curls. Graceful waves with a fringe are my guilty pleasure right now. I am hair accessory obsessed so I would have to add something to it.”


Multi-award-winning hair stylist Hector Obeng has a slightly different take on this season’s latest hair trends. Hector is also the creator of H-Elite cuticle virgin hair and Hector’s Global Hair.

The stylist told us that this spring he suspects there will be a huge focus on one length cuts hitting the shoulders, but in different forms of colour – a sharp look but softened with shades. He also said that for afro hair this season, a Brazilian blowdry or extra-long extensions are a great way to make a springtime statement.

When I asked Hector whether there are any traditional recurring springtime trends he said: “I still think everything goes, unlike in the 70s, 80s and 90s when you always had ‘the look’. Times have changed and as long as one wears and owns their look, rather than the look owning them, you can make anything work. Everything rocks now and I love it!”

Hector’s ultimate springtime look is based around being ‘bolder and brighter’. He said: “The recession brought about the dip dye, which transcended into the balayage. Though pastels are around, it’ll be bolder and louder but not traditional. More skirts of colour through the hair will be important this springtime.” 

Follow the experts’ advice and encourage your clients to take the plunge and get some pastel colours involved, while perhaps embracing their natural waves. Or maybe adding an accessory head band for the ultimate springtime look could be exactly what you need to put a spring in your step.