Redefining the space for freelance creatives in 2023, Stā Studios has been designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers. Entrepreneur and founder, Samantha Cusick of Samantha Cusick London success, has launched a progressive and pioneering, brand-neutral space designed to empower the creative freelancer.


18 styling stations, two private studios, a content creation booth, private meeting rooms, a soundproof podcast studio, educational spaces and an in-house coffee bar delivered by specialist baristas, Piqant, Stā Studios is the perfect platform to elevate the modern-day freelancer’s brand and business.


Samantha Cusick comments, ‘As a hairdresser and salon owner, I know exactly what it takes to offer a luxurious experience that justifies a £400-£500 price tag. Yes, clients want to leave with great hair but more than ever it is the experience they will remember. I wanted to design a custom-built space that didn’t compromise any aspect of the client journey and I’m confident that is exactly what we have achieved.’


This is demonstrated not only by the considered serene interiors but also by the attention to technical detail. Despite being a listed building, Stā’s water, heating, LED lighting and ventilation systems are state-of-the-art and tuned to the needs of high-end hairdressing. Lighting density is designed to replicate natural sunlight and is controlled to ensure minimal shadowing over stations whilst maintaining optimal coverage of light over the client’s hair. With the focus still on colour, the ventilation system incorporates the latest technology to ensure that 21.0-21.9C is maintained, ensuring the development of colour is even and controlled. Non-artificial humidity levels are maintained by blending fresh air with the climate control system and water supply is pressured, filtered and heated on demand. Colour work remains consistent, predictable, easy to rinse and compatible with a wide variety of brands and products across the world of styling and colouring.


As a core value of the brand, sustainability doesn’t start with the working aspects of Stā Studios. Reclamation and restoration is at the heart of its design, with GPlan furniture being used throughout, in combination with walnut as a wood choice to ensure a more sustainable, lower carbon impact. Surfaces such as counters and walls feature low plastic usage, with stone, walnut and tile favoured. After being dormant for 7 years, Stā Studio’s grade-listed windows and main doors have been restored and refurbished, and an internal lobby has been built to minimise wasteful heating/cooling whilst adding additional digital access options for Members.


Samantha continues, ‘Everything we have created has been designed with freelancers at the forefront. We have listened to what was needed and acted upon it. From interiors to the client experience, our transparent membership model and the Stā Studios business management software allows for online booking and deposits to be easily taken and is also completely owned by the stylist so if they leave Stā Studios they take their database with them. But perhaps the most important aspect of the space is the feeling of connection. Our research demonstrated that a major area of discontent for freelancers was loneliness and the lack of not being part of the team.’


Stā Studios has counter-balanced this by creating a Samantha Cusick London residency in the space. The consistency of having the same team based in the space every day facilitates a salon vibe and allows members to interact and communicate with one another. A calendar of membership events is also being launched to encourage growth, connection and creativity while simultaneously supporting members with business development in areas such as accountancy, marketing and diversification.


For more information visit or follow @sta__studios.


Stā Studios

14-17 Old Broad Street




Membership is £135 a month, which includes 5 hours of free chair rental each month for three months. Each chair is £25 an hour on a pay-as-you-go system. Book it on the app, and if you cancel your chair with 48 hours’ notice, it refunds you.