Story of AK Lash

Our brand, AK Lash, specializes in top-notch lash extensions, and our founder, Anna Kocunova, has been a lash artist since 2011, her passion for beauty began with her first lash extension. She realized the beauty industry was where she belonged and pursued her love for the business.

Anna started small and slow, but with patience and consistency, she grew her business remarkably well. She now has a long list of loyal customers, always returning back to her for her amazing and, most importantly, reliable services.

Anna built up the trust of lots of ladies, and after lots of conversations and discussions with them, how to make her business even more popular, they all agreed on one thing,  make her own brand!

From that moment, Anna didn’t hesitate a minute to start planning and creating her own product. As a great professional in this business, after all her years of experience, she worked tirelessly to make perfect eyelash extensions, not just any but the perfect one. Anna spent months testing different lashes trying to bring the best product into the market.

Guess what? After a lot of hard work, she succeeded. She has done it!

The beginning of a remarkable journey started, AK LASH

It’s perfectly balanced product.  Her  lashes are made of high quality material, 100% handmade, soft and lightweight, stable curl, vegan and cruelty free.

Anna put her passion, experience and her beautiful soul into this product, and now, rightfully she can be proud.