Supporting the forgotten women behind the true Moroccan Argan Oil

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The UCFA is the first and biggest Union of Argan Oil Women Cooperatives and it exists to guarantee a top quality product and a fair income to the 1,200 Berber women in 22 cooperatives in South West Morocco that help to produce it.

Unlike the mass producers in the North of Morocco, the kernels used by the UCFA are traceable as they grow around the cooperatives. The almonds are cold pressed and kept in dark containers to keep maximum natural Vitamin E, meaning that the UCFA’s argan oil is both good for hair as well as a wonderful skin moisturiser, too.

Moreover, the UCFA is the only producer who has the support of the king Mohammed VI Foundation, which aims to empower women and fight poverty in rural areas.

The Argan forest also plays an important role in preventing the whole landscape being reduced to desert and is protected by UNESCO. The UCFA has partnered with the agriculture minister to ensure forestation projects take place.

By buying oil from the UCFA, the salon and spa industry can have a real impact on the entire community that totally relies on Argan oil production, with it being their main financial resource for supporting the basic needs of their families and communities.

Cocoon Therapies is one such beauty brand that sources its argan oil exclusively from the UCFA, ensuring it provides the most ethical, purest and efficient cosmetic argan oil for its clients. Thanks the UFCA and its partners, the Berber women are now and will continue to be empowered to deliver a top quality organic argan oil to meet the demands of international standards.