Sustainable Spaces

What is sustainable interior design? Not only to reduce the negative impact on the environment, but also to create a positive impact on people’s health, by improving the building’s performance. Written by Owner & Founder of Inspiring Salons Ltd, Mike Cooper.

At Inspiring Salons Ltd we believe that elegance and sustainability can be seamlessly intertwined, creating salon spaces that not only captivate with their glamour but also leave a positive impact on the environment.  But perhaps more importantly creating a healthy atmosphere within the salon for both their clients and staff alike.

In this article we are concentrating on what you can do within your salon to improve your sustainability through design.

Interior Decoration Materials

When considering interior design for sustainability it is crucial to discuss VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).  VOC’s are chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature, releasing harmful gases into the air. These chemicals are found in various products and materials commonly used in interior salon design, such as paints, adhesives, flooring and furniture. There is now an abundant amount of paint ranges with low or have zero VOC’s.

As well as the VOC’s, always look at the life cycle of the product, where it was manufactured, the carbon miles, and if the product is recyclable or biodegradable.

Salon Furniture and Accessories

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the potential environmental impact of products or services during their entire life cycle. Although it is understandable every salon has limited budget, it is worth considering either an item’s LCA or alternatively think of the ‘3 R’s’ Reuse, Recycle and Refurbish.

Think of the raw materials it has been produced from, is it manufactured in the UK, can it be reused thus keeping it out of landfill for longer and is it recyclable? Buying high-quality second-hand furniture that can be repaired at Inspiring Salons is a popular service.

Here’s an example of our 100% tulip wood pedi spa, built in our local manufacturing studio, that’s 100% recyclable.

Interior Environment

A main aspect of sustainable design is creating a healthier environment for clients and staff alike.  To reduce your energy expense, think of window shading and ventilation, minimising the use of air conditioning. Biophilic design, is bringing nature inside, a great design concept to create a relaxing environment, usually by living plants. But nature is not just plants, think of rivers and oceans, you could incorporate water features or simply decorate with various colours of blue. Also, it’s worth mentioning solar tubes or sunshine tunnels, which allow natural daylight to seep in and provide natural light into interior spaces that are poorly lit or receive no actual natural light. Ideal for back of house staff and office rooms.

If you are interested in further details on salon interior sustainability design or other salon design, contact Mike Cooper on 07415336002 or mike.cooper