Take cover!

We understand the importance for hair and beauty businesses to find the right insurance that is personalised to their business’ needs.

Over the next few months, we’re going to put sample hair & beauty insurance questions to Direct Line for Business Product Expert Jane Guaschi.

Salon Magazine: Would a hair stylist need their own insurance if they bring in a friend to cover a mobile booking?

Jane: This question shows why it is so important to check you are properly covered even when working with friends. The hairdresser with the contract for the job (originally booked by the client) should have insurance cover.

If the friend has their own insurance policy, their own equipment and works under their own direction rather than being instructed by the original hairdresser, they’d be considered a ‘bona-fide contractor.’ The hairdresser’s insurers would normally have a condition that such contractors have the same level of public and treatment liability insurance as they provide.

If the friend is working under the direction of the original hairdresser, just providing additional labour, then they’d be considered an employee and so should be added to the hairdresser’s insurance policy.

Salon Magazine: If a hair professional employs freelancers regularly to cover jobs would they need different insurance cover?

Jane: When the professional takes out their policy they should tell their insurer they use freelancers. Insurers will usually require policyholders to check any freelancer workers they use have at least the same cover limits for public liability and treatments liability in place. It’s wise to check your policy for the full terms and conditions on this and do check with anyone you are giving work to, even if they are a friend.

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