Technology Takeover

Salon Tracker is one of the leading software systems for Hair, Beauty, Nail and Tanning salons across the UK and Ireland, in this exclusive editorial we find out all about their international expansion.

Salon Tracker came about in 2008 under the original name of Studio Tracker. A few years later in 2014, we rebranded to Salon Tracker with a brand-new look and lots of new features. The idea for our product came about when a group of our developers noticed a gap in the market for booking software systems geared towards tanning salons.

Our in-house developers are constantly working on improving and adding to the system to help customers run their salon in the easiest, most efficient way possible. One thing we find works really well when it comes to developing the system is working side by side with our current customer base.  We regularly take our current customers’ suggestions on how we could improve the system and try to figure out a way for this to be integrated into the software.

One part of the system that we have spent a lot of time working on and adding to is our online features. These features are becoming increasingly popular with our customers due to the fact that they make the day-to-day process of running a busy salon that little bit easier.

With that being said, here are some of our online features and how they can be used to help our customers run their salons.

Online Booking

Online booking was one of the first online features we added into the system here at Salon Tracker and it still proves to be one of the most popular. With our online booking feature, salons get their own personalised website which allows their customers to log in using their email address and a 4-digit PIN and make bookings at any time. Currently, 36% of our clients’ online bookings are made outside of their salons opening hours. This means that a salon could be missing out on a large number of bookings, and therefore end sales, just by not offering this one thing.

Online Payments

A more recent feature that we have added on to our online system is online payments. This allows salons to give their customers the option to buy services and pay deposits for their bookings online. By giving the salons the option to take deposits when their customers are booking online, this decreases the number of no-show bookings that are made online as customers are a lot more likely to show up for their appointment if they have partially paid for it. Salon Tracker also gives salons the option to take full payment for services online using Stripe. This means that even when the salon is closed, they could still be making a profit! By giving their customers the option to pay for services online, this will also cut down on wait times in the salon.


Another one of our popular online features is siteview, otherwise known as home view. This gives salon owners and their employees the ability to view certain aspects of their Salon Tracker from home using either a laptop, pc or even through an app on their phone. Salon owners can view all of their reports from anywhere they would like using siteview meaning they can keep up to date on what is going on in their salon no matter where they are in the world. This feature also allows salon employees to view their calendars from their phone or home laptops. This means they will be able to see their upcoming bookings before they get into the salon and will be able to see if they have any gaps in their schedule to fit last minute appointments in. Being able to see all this from home just gives both the salon owner and the employees some peace of mind when they’re away from the salon.

Online Backup

A seemingly small, but very useful online feature that we offer is online backups. We know that making sure your customer data being backed up safely and securely is important when it comes to running a salon. As well as local backups to the PC, we offer the ability to back up your data to the cloud. This means that customer data, booking history and your reports are all safely stored in the cloud so if anything happens to your PC, we can just download your Salon Tracker onto another one!


For salon owners who own multiple salons, we also have a multisite feature. This feature lets you share your customer and service information in your different sites over your online account. This means that customers can visit all of your salons for their treatment and from a business point of view you will be able to see what is going in in all your salons from one HQ computer.

We offer a free demonstration and two-week trial of the software so if you would like to get booked in to take a closer look at these features, please give us a call on 01133508230 or email us on