The 360 Approach

Leading the way in the brow styling game since 2017, Brow Code continue to develop products that exceed the expectations of stylists worldwide. Their newest launch is set to elevate salon retailing worldwide and features a powerful formulation with advanced technologies to promote full, thick and healthy hairs.

From dropping out of school to opening the world’s FIRST brow-only salon, with hard work and dedication Founder of Brow Code, Melanie Marris has transformed a dismissed business idea into a global brow entity.

Melanie began her business and brow journey in a small Australian town with only 70 cents to her name, but having such a strong vision and goal to make brows a beauty category of their own. Fast forward a decade and brows are now one of the leading beauty categories in the world. A key component to Melanie’s success of her salons was retailing at-home products. Of course, there are so many other contributing factors, but if you really want to watch your revenue grow Melanie recommends learning the art and power of upselling.

As a brow stylist, it is important to think of your job with a 360 degree approach. Your clients see you every 4-6 weeks, but how can you look after them between each service?

Educating and suggesting the best products to maintain their brows in between services is the perfect way to start.

Retailing products in the salon will provide not only the opportunity to increase your bottom line, but also the opportunity to ensure that you are providing the ultimate salon experience for your client and offering professional concern beyond their salon visit. Retailing is an integral part of any salon business and adds another dimension of value to your clients.

This month, Brow Code has launched a power-house new product that will help bridge that gap between professional brow treatments and at-home brow care, the Brow Code Multi-Peptide Growth Serum. A salon retailing must-have for your clients to take the professional brow technique from the salon home.


Brow Code Multi-Peptide Growth Serum is the first Multi-Peptide Growth Serum designed to stimulate hair growth, featuring two custom applicators for multi-purpose use. This growth serum includes a powerful combination of multi-peptide and multi-vitamin technologies, Hyaluronic Acid and Biotin to promote hair growth and improve the quality and density of the brow hair.


Salon Cost: £30 GBP WHOLESALE

At-Home Brow Care Recommendations:

  1. Use Brow Code’s Multi-Peptide Serum on eyebrows every morning and night for 90 days for optimum results
  2. Use Brow Code’s Multi-Peptide Serum on lashes daily for 90 days for optimum results
  3. Ensure you apply product on clean, dry skin as the very first step in morning and evening skincare routine, following your cleanser!

Based on a Brow Code Single Room Salon Case study based on 16 services a day and from 1 in 3 client retail purchases, Brow Code has identified a way to amplify your salon business and increase your annual revenue by up to £28,500 through the retailing of their Multi-Peptide Serum.

*Disclaimer: the sales projections are estimations only, based on independent case studies, market research, and salon sales for an average of 6 days per week for 50 weeks a year.