The 7 Deadly Sins of Colour

It’s tempting to put your faith in colour as the great redeemer of profits, but if costs spiral out of control undetected, it can lead to disaster. Wide variations in quantities dispensed per service and how much is charged mean no one has a clear picture of colour use or if the bill even covers the cost, but Vish can stop profit going astray by helping you to avoid these seven deadly sins of colour.

  1. Confusion

Not all services are created equally, but that’s how they are often charged. Differences in length, thickness, and porosity can drive up colour costs, leaving the salon out of pocket or the short-haired clients subsidising those with longer, thicker hair. In Vish salons, additional colour can trigger additional service charges based on rules set by the owner; same goes for added treatments, so no more missed services.

  1. Gluttony

The arrival of Vish in 2018 showed that one person could swallow up £9 worth of colour while another just £1.09 worth for the exact same service, without anyone being aware of the discrepancy. Then there is the variance in charges; inexperienced stylists often waste more but charge less. Fortunately, Vish is a beacon of light, guiding everyone to more precise mixes closer to the sanctioned amounts covered in the charge. Vish recently published a free checklist based on data from millions of services to identify colour benchmarks.

  1. Wastefulness

Left-over colour is the great devourer of profit, with as much as 40% of colour mixed thrown away. Salons are effectively using and paying for nearly double the quantities they need. Using technology to remember formulas and quantities means the team mixes only what they require, slashing waste.

“The cold, hard cash that was being spent on waste we didn’t realise we had is now staying in the business thanks to Vish,” said Luke Ormsby, Owner of Luke Ormbsy salons in Pinner and Primrose Hill, London.

  1. Forgetfulness

No matter how thorough a stylist is, often it’s just too frantic during the appointment to write down formulas or quantities. Lost formulas hinder waste reduction and risk inconsistent results. “Record-keeping is always a nightmare in salons which means most stylists are working to memory, but having a complete list of every formula on Vish you’ve mixed for every client makes life so much easier,” said Lucy Oliphant, Owner of The Bank Hairdressing in Brigg. “It also means if a stylist is off, a colleague can step in to ensure the client isn’t turned away and disappointed.”

  1. Anxiety

There’s no need to play it safe when you have Vish. Using the Plan Ahead™ function of the latest release of the Vish Colour Bar App, you can create elaborate formulas on your mobile before the client arrives. While for new clients, you can mix small amounts of colour then use the Mix More function to remix the precise formula in increments measured for you. Pamela Pretorius, Owner of All Shook Up in Clapham, London has seen a real change in her team: “Vish helps build confidence, especially in the younger stylists, as it does the maths for you. The All Shook Up team can mix elaborate formulas in smaller amounts, confident they can mix more without stressing over the maths. My team often get the assistants to remix using the Mix More function to save time.”

  1. Disorder

Those rows of tube boxes might look tidy, but they represent money tied up in stock. Free your cash and team from the tedious chore of stock takes by letting Vish count the grams used for you. It will show the exact quantities of each shade needed for replenishment and which are the most popular ones. “Before Vish, we’d just repeat our order because we didn’t have time to check what we’d used and so would end up with the same unused colours. There was a lot of money tied up in stock that has been reinvested into the business,” said Luke. “Now we do a physical count once a month and we’ve no slippage.”

  1. Doubt

Vish banishes uncertainty and, in its place delivers balance, harmony, and clarity. You know exactly how much money you have tied up in stock, what needs replenishment, how much is being saved by reduced waste and what every treatment and toner should and does deliver to the business. As well as providing in-depth data on each individual stylist to help set goals, it identifies training gaps and opportunities to reward efficiency. Vish also opens the door to transparent charging – when it captures additional colour or services, it costs it out so you have absolute clarity on what the bill should be, and so do your clients.

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