The beauty experts

Gerrard International are a team of knowledgeable beauty experts who support a portfolio of highly-esteemed professional beauty brands. Paul Gerrard, Marketing Director at Gerrard International, shares the benefits for brands joining the collection and how their portfolio can elevate a salon business.

Please introduce us to Gerrard International and what it strives to achieve.

Gerrard International was created by my Mother, Susan, a skilled nail technician and recognised name in the industry, alongside my Dad and her husband Ian, a salon owner. With their wealth of knowledge, together, they knew the market and what was required for salons to become a success.

Gerrard International has held on to this entrepreneurial spirit, needed for small companies to succeed. We have always been fiercely protective and loyal to the professional, supporting and nurturing growth for their businesses.

I don’t wish to talk myself out of a job, but if our long-serving, experienced sales team who care for our customers hadn’t been there since day one, I probably wouldn’t have a job to talk myself out of.

We have amazing brands in our esteemed collection, that have been vetted by a knowledgeable team, but these would be nothing if it wasn’t for the backup and support that Gerrard International offer – through education, customer care and business support. We have the in-house talent and skillsets to enable us to be pro-active and our team are nimble and agile enough to be reactive too, providing our customers with what they need, when they need it.

Gerrard International builds relationships, we help educate and we guide beauty therapists on delivering the best service possible. We don’t sell brands in and say ‘see you later’.

Gerrard International collates the best products to elevate a salon business, please tell us what it takes for a brand to be a part of this esteemed collection.

We have been approached by many lovely and passionate brand owners, but we can’t take on everything and anything. Firstly, we must believe in the brand and establish if we can do it the justice it deserves. The brand has to be something the beauty industry wants and needs – so quite often we ask our customers for their feedback.

The selection process is pretty simple – the brand and products have to impress our skilled team of beauty experts and educators – around 20 of them trialling. See…simple. Impressing them though – not so simple, sorry.

What makes the Gerrard International brands stand out in a competitive market?

The Gerrard International team work to make the brands in our collection stand out. From education, to business support, to customer care, and marketing support, we aim to tick all the ‘must have’ boxes and then some more.

The industry is fast-paced and always evolving, how does Gerrard International keep up with the latest trends?

The beauty industry is one that the Gerrard International team eat, live and breathe. It’s fast pace is something that keeps us thinking quicker and constantly evolving. As well as keeping our eyes open to the world around us, we soak up insightful talks, trade shows and industry news. In addition, our long-serving team of area managers are our eyes and ears on the road, keeping us abreast of what our salons and spas need and want. We work collectively to make it all happen.

What kind of marketing collateral and support can a salon owner or beauty professional expect when working with Gerrard International?

We offer a range of supporting materials for all our brands, from window stickers and posters, full displays suiting all spaces, to larger spas and retail areas. Our marketing team take on feedback and are constantly updating the marketing support we have available to suit our changing salon and spa needs.

Being a salon owner or beauty professional can be overwhelming, how does Gerrard International support their clients?

In addition to our displays and marketing material, we support our clients at their events. We also offer day-to-day support with orders, as well as product and brand queries. It is our client’s talent, drive and enthusiasm that keeps us going and it is our job to ensure they have everything they need to thrive and run a successful business. We want them doing what they do best and not sweating the small stuff.

Client testimonials

Stobo Castle Health Spa: “Stobo Castle Health Spa, has been in partnership with Mii, for many years. We have had amazing support from our Area Manager, and the range of products have been very popular with our customers. The variety of products has been always of a high standard, and we look forward to working together for many more years.”

The Beauty Centre: “We are completely in love with the whole range of Nails by Mii. The colours stay true and shine longer than our previous brand. There’s a wide selection of colours and all of my customers have moved over without thinking twice.”

Ragdale Hall: “The Mii makeup range offers a great selection of products, so there is something for everyone, whatever age the customer might be or whatever look they’re creating with the products.”

Rudding Park Spa: “Kissed by Mii provides an all over sunkissed tan, smells amazing, and develops without streaking. It works in harmony with the skin’s natural melanin to produce a natural look.”