THE DIARY OF A HAIRSTYLIST: The juice with Justin…

Powered by hairspray and a lot of coffee

Listen up hairstylists. Every month I will bring you an exclusive insight into my world through my diary entries. The world we both share. My achievements, my mistakes, the happy, the sad and the challenging – only in the Salon Magazine. But who am I? My name’s Justin Mackland, a colourist, a level 3 Apprentice Stylist and a Schwarzkopf Social Queen from Ishoka in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Dear diary,

I’m going to cut to the chase. 2021 arrived and not a single salon in the UK opened until the month of April. This of course meant that April was supposed to be an exciting month, a promising month, a month full of joy – so why was I riddled with anxiety every single day? I had gained at least 20 new, beautiful clients from working so hard on my socials during lockdown. Every single one of these clients attended their appointments and left delighted but I was left on the edge of my seat awaiting a complaint. All of a sudden, I felt I had lost my identity. I felt a fraud and that I wasn’t worthy of everything I had achieved. 

Me being me, I took to socials and several “hairstylist group chats” that I’m involved in to express how I was feeling. I was then made aware that what I was feeling was in fact called imposter syndrome. Four months of living in my own bubble, taking on the industry from the comfort of my own home, attending online hair courses and recording podcasts for industry shows had finally taken its toll on my mental health as I was released back into the fast-paced environment of the salon. Now, five weeks into a routine, I wouldn’t say I’m cured but I’ve definitely learned how to cope a little better with it.

I’ve broken the silence. I try to separate facts from feelings. I reflect on all of my achievements so far, no matter how big or small they are, and I’ve developed a healthy response to my mistakes that I may have made. Most importantly I’ve started rewarding myself. To fellow hairstylists reading this page in my not-so-secret diary, please remember – you are worthy, you matter and you are incredible.

Justin xoxo