The Eyecare Trifeca: Hyaluronic Acid, Eastern Botanical Blend and Copper

Bio-Therapeutic’s new Hyaluronic Repair Eye Masque delivers  intense skin nourishment and repair in a signature, copper infused gel format.

Bio-Therapeutic is excited to announce the much anticipated Hyaluronic Repair Eye Masque, a copper infused gel masque that delivers intense skin nourishment, cooling, and hydration.  With a unique complex of three peptides to support optimum skin fitness and help reduce the appearance of premature aging, the anatomically optimized gel patches offer the ultimate in portable cooling, hydration, and smoothing.

The Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque boasts a game changing formula in its own right, and the peptide complex is joined by super hydrating hyaluronic acid plus skullcap, gotu kola, peony root and licorice, used for centuries in traditional Eastern herbal preparations.  This unique combination of East meets West, and science meets nature, is core to Bio-Therapeutic’s philosophy.

“Bio-Therapeutic was founded on the understanding that working in sync with the body could help cultivate a level of wellbeing not otherwise achievable,” says Suzuki.  “It was fitting that we celebrate this uniquely Eastern part of our company’s heritage with a truly unique formula that also benefits from the wisdom of our heritage, the latest technologies of today, and the gifts of the natural world.”

The new Hyaluronic Repair Eye Masque will be available as both a single pack and 10 pack, and will ship starting in November of this year.

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Bio-Therapeutic is a minority, family owned company based in Seattle, Washington.  The company was founded nearly 50 years ago on an understanding that the human body is itself an electrical system and sought to bring Eastern concepts of wellness together with cutting edge technology innovation. The company is owned by husband and wife team, David and Dena Suzuki, and is still boldly pushing the boundaries of skin care innovation from their headquarters in Seattle.  Bio-Therapeutic is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, MDSAP accredited, ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 certified, and all equipment is CE safety compliant.  Bio-Therapeutic designs and assembles its equipment locally in Seattle, and ships to more than 35 countries worldwide.