The Future of Lashing

In this exclusive editorial, we speak with Jemma Dallender, CEO and Founder of UV Lash Glue Cosmetics, to understand how the new UV Lash Glue system will mitigate the stresses of typical lash products and the benefits this can bring to your salon business.

Please introduce us to UV Lash Glue

UV Lash Glue Cosmetics was the outcome of years struggling with all the issues associated with regular lash glue, such as stickiness, retention issues, temperature, and humidity problems. It was so frustrating to create a beautiful set of lashes, and regardless of the prep, knowing that clients could step out in the rain and the whole set could be ruined was so disheartening. Our UV Lash glue system is a game changer when it comes to lashing, as it eliminates nearly all the problems faced by lash technicians.

Why use UV Lash Glue?

UV Lash Glue, when used with our UV Lash System, creates an instant bond to the natural lash, with the glue curing instantly. The glue also cures at any temperature and at any level of humidity. The product is perfect for beginners, with no rush to apply the lashes prior to the glue drying. As a lash technician using UV Lash glue, you are in complete control of when the glue cures, meaning appointment times will decrease without having to worry about the glue drying before moving onto the next lash. A little goes a long way, meaning a smaller percentage of salon income is spent on replacing products.

What makes your products stand out from your competitors?

The lash market is starting to get saturated with UV products, so standing out from the crowd is really important to us. The most important factor is that our product has a superior formula that is tried, tested, and CE certified. A rapid curing time with an unrivalled bonding strength causes minimal irritation and allergy risk. 8 out of 10 allergy sufferers can use our products since they contain no carbon black, cure instantly, and contain no fumes that may cause eye irritation.

What support do you offer for salons using UV Lash Glue?

UV Lash Glue is still very new to the market, and it’s really important to get proper training to use our products correctly. We offer comprehensive support and training for beginners, as well as a masterclass in UV lashing for more experienced technicians.

How can our readers work with you?

To find out everything you need to know about UV lashing and buy our UV lash system, visit Here, you will also find a link to our training courses directly through Fresha.