The Genius Educational Support Scheme… Futureproof Your Career in Aesthetics

Genius® is offering up to £10,000 in funding for your Qualifi course Level 5 to Level 7 in Aesthetic Practice. Lipology® are the official partner of the scheme, providing training through their award-winning Lipology® Academy.

With upcoming changes in legislation, whether you have been practising aesthetics for 20 years or 5, you will need to hold an accredited qualification, like Qualifi.

The support program incentivises practitioners to utilise the revolutionary Genius® products by requiring a commitment to purchasing at least 10 boxes of filler per week.

So, what is the Genius Educational support scheme? Lipology® founder Cath talks you through it in the below video…

Like Genius®, Lipology®’s priority is improving safety in aesthetics, it’s why they chose them to be the official training provider for their education scheme.

Lipology® know that the industry’s reputation has been damaged by practitioners who have been poorly trained or take shortcuts with poor quality products and careless techniques.

That’s why Lipology® are supporting practitioners who are serious about safety in gaining their accredited qualification Qualifi Level 5 and 7 in Aesthetic Practice. As an award-winning training provider, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best quality education through Lipology® Academy so you can excel in your aesthetics career.

Visit the Lipology ® site to find out more and what you need to qualify for the funding by clicking the link below…

What is Genius®?

Genius® is a range of clinically-tested dermal fillers designed with safety and performance in mind. Like many of us, Genius® were tired of seeing too many cheap, low-quality fillers being injected into clients’ faces, thus Genius® was born – the filler you can trust.

Competitively priced without compromising on clinical quality, is why they’re trusted by some of the leading aesthetic clinics around the world. With the latest Hy-BRID Technology for better volume effect and retention combined with a unique ergonomic design to help practitioners to administer accurate and safe treatments.