The home of hair replacement

Renowned for its heritage and innovative approach, Hair Development are the longest-established human hair extension and replacement experts in the UK. In an exclusive interview with Creative Director, Janis Levy MTTS, we explore the brand’s success and benefits it can present to your salon.

–         As the longest established Hair Replacement company in the UK, how has your experience and expertise helped develop the HD Miracle Range? 

Hair Development is a multi-award winning company, Mark Burns MTTS, Managing Director and I have taken over the helm of HD since the passing of the late and much loved Stanley MTTS, CEO and founding father of Hair Development, as well as being the absolute guru of hair replacement and extensions, and a very highly respected figure in the industry. Under Stanley’s guidance, Mark and I spent many years learning from the best and now we are seeing HD reaching new heights from our foundation of solidity and the fact that we have, and always will, research, design and manufacture revolutionary systems, with methods and innovative products.

–         Choosing the right training course can be difficult, how does Hair Development’s HD Training ensure a stylist leaves with the necessary skills and confidence?

Hair Development has training academies in London and Chelmsford, where we offer professional courses to become certified in the art of Hair Replacement and Hair Extensions. We also have a course specifically designed for barbers, called Life After the Beard, which enables barbers with the necessary skills to keep their clients for life. Our customer care is available for aftercare advice and maintenance. Once you have joined HD, you will always have a home within our company.

–         Receiving an astounding 80% success rate, your HD Laser Re-Growth is taking the industry by storm. Please tell us about the device and the benefits it offers to clients. 

Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy is a non-surgical scientific phenomenon. HD brand and distribute these clinical machines and allied products to your salon, giving you an edge and your clients’ beneficial treatments with non-invasive light energy to stimulate follicles, increase blood supply and regrow hair*.

*80% success rate

–         What exciting plans can we expect from Hair Development this year? 

Exclusive to Hair Development, we have launched HD Elite Perfectress Transformation Connections, a streamlined, strand-by-strand design, covering each connection with 360˚ HD Elite European Supreme Quality hair inside and outside the link. This protects the client’s hair, resulting in beautiful results with the discretion of a undetectable attachment. HD Elite is the undisputed professional’s choice. Only available through Hair Development, we were proudly awarded by Parliament as Best Practice.