The New Hair Extension Champions

What better way to excite your clients this festive season than with a brand-new arsenal of top-tier hair extensions? We found out why for this and many other reasons, Cliphair have boosted their luxurious Remy Royale range with five fresh new additions.

NEW Professional Hair Extensions Range

The double-drawn craze goes on to appeal to the finest palates. From the super-discreet and flexible invisible tape hair extensions, to the latest innovation in nano hair extensions, the latest Cliphair drop can be marketed to clients as celebrity-worthy. Made of 100% double-drawn human hair, these hair extensions know no rivals when it comes to softness, shine, and manageability – and can last from six to 12 months, being reusable for multiple repositions.

Let’s take a closer look!

Flat Weft

Let your clients step into the modern and trendy world of custom-made hair extensions, LA weaves, and more – with flat weft hair extensions. Designed to deliver maximum performance with the utmost discretion, this seamless weft is made of 100% Remy human hair and features a new and improved design: sturdiness and minimised shedding meets thinness and reduced visibility. For sew-in weaves and other hair transformations that will stay hidden, even in finer hair. Naturally flawless thanks to its double-drawn, superior quality tresses, these upgraded wefts promise more than just a stunning aesthetic: farewell to tangling and bulkiness. Thick from root to tip and cuticle-aligned for unmatched shine, softness, and manageability – what else could you possibly ask for in your hair weft? Glue it, sew it, and use it to create custom clip-ins to suit any client… The possibilities are endless.

Flat Tips

Also known as flat tip keratin extensions, these gorgeous tresses have made it to the roster as one of the most low-maintenance, pre-bonded hair extensions to apply on your clients. Featuring a small, flat, and lightweight keratin tip at the top of each strand, these hair extensions are true champions of discretion and stay hidden in natural hair, creating a seamless and authentic look. The flat tip hair extensions’ innovative shape will allow heat to activate the keratin bond quickly and is incredibly easy to mould around each section for a secure and long-lasting attachment. Comfortable and flexible, these hair extensions will give your customers all the freedom to enjoy a long-term makeover without having to worry about monthly appointments. In fact, they can last up to three months before needing a re-fitting – and the same hair, with an outstanding longevity, can go up to 12 months with the proper TLC – also with the ability to be re-tipped and used for multiple refittings.

Invisible Tapes

Introducing the latest innovation in tape-in hair extensions, where the gorgeous hair strands they are made of run all the way to the edge of the tab, blending seamlessly with the natural hairline. Flexible and virtually undetectable, Cliphair’s invisible tapes offer unbeatable comfort and can be applied in less than two hours. Also known as skin-wefts, these gorgeous products stay hidden even in tricky updos and ponytails – opening the tape hair extensions’ doors to a wider public. Lasting from eight to ten weeks, these beautiful tresses can be reused for multiple repositions – as they are part of the supreme quality range ‘Remy Royale’, with an impressive lifespan of six to 12 months.

Remy Royale Tapes

Your clients’ much-loved tape in hair extensions are getting a royal revamp – now available in double-drawn, gorgeous wefts that can be easily fitted or removed. Ideal for those who prefer to wear their hair down, the Remy Royale tape hair extensions offer unmatched lusciousness thanks to their superior quality, cuticle-aligned for a better performance, more shine, and undefeated softness. They can be used to pump up the volume in your clients’ tresses, add precious inches of length, or even create depth and dimension with highlights or lowlights.

Nano Bonds

Using the latest technology, Cliphair’s new nano bond hair extensions introduce see-through silicone tips instead of the classic metal loop. A secure, discreet finish with a stronger grip that withstands the test of time whilst being gentle, without using any glue or heat during fitting, repositioning, or removal. Nano bond hair extensions move naturally with the clients’ hair and offer a lightweight and discreet solution for those with fine or thin hair, ensuring a seamless blend that stays virtually undetectable – allowing your clients to play around with updos, buns, half-ups, ponytails, and whatever crosses their mind! As part of the supreme Remy Royale range, with the proper installation and maintenance these extensions can last from eight to ten weeks before needing a refit and can be reused on multiple appointments: their incredible six to 12 months lifespan makes it the ultimate cost-effective solution. Nano bond hair extensions have minimal to no fall-out and provide an undetectable makeover, thanks to the transparent silicone tip.