The new kid on the salon software block with hairdressing at its heart and profit at its head

This October sees the launch of the next generation of salon software created by hairdressing industry business specialists. A profit focussed solution with a simple goal to support, coach and propel salon businesses and their financial success forward.

Floomly is the creation of Sam Austin-Smith (that surname may ring a bell), previous Managing Director at The Fantastic Hairdresser and daughter of its founder Alan Austin-Smith, one of hairdressing’s most respected business coaches and mentors.

As CEO and Founder at Floomly, Sam AustinSmith shares, “Our core belief is that business data is worthless unless you know three things: what you need, how to find it and what to do with it when you find it. With our feet firmly planted in the salon industry, we view tech and software from a different perspective: yours.”

Sam has accumulated decades worth of industry experience as well as a catalogue of conversations shared with salon business owners during this time. It is these chats, findings and unique insights that Sam has drawn upon to build a responsive, reliable system that addresses the real issues facing real salons. The result: savvy salon software without the tech headache (we call it techache).

Sam continues: “This is not our ‘best guess’, Floomly is our response to a 30+ year deep dive into thousands of hairdressing businesses of all shapes and sizes and with our salon business coaching experience we know what is necessary to help you and your business needs. What we have learnt is that hairdressers need a system developed by people who are genuinely ‘in it’ with them. Floomly delivers our response to the very tangible issues facing salons today and it is making a stand for hairdressing.”

What The Floomly?

Playful and quirky, the name ‘Floomly’ came to Sam in a ‘lightbulb moment’ whilst riding on a theme park log flume – conjuring the carefree and fun idea of “transporting you where you want to go, bringing all the information into one pool, constantly funnelling in the right direction – in fact, everything Floomly aims to do for your salon business!” says Sam.

Describing Floomly as a “problem solver, task do-er, mentor, phone-a-friend, business developer and educator”, Sam’s understanding of the salon owners challenges and previous in-salon experience has enabled her to identify where existing software is failing to deliver. With its ‘big sister’ energy, Floomly promises to have your back, its protective sibling vibe balancing reliability with fun. Plus, the user-friendly dashboard (as easy as child’s play), offers a simplified snapshot of your business bringing ONLY the information you need to know, with zero time wasting.

“Rather than demonstrating what your salon has done” says Sam. “Floomly shows you what you need to do for future growth as well as providing you the solutions to get there, and this is how we approach everything we do – as business coaches first, developers second.”

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s a look at how Floomly can work for your salon business:

  1. Team Floomly handle the set-up so you don’t have the hassle of moving systems and data across
  2. Devise and input your 2-year salon plan, profit targets and team goals, all with the helping hand of The Fantastic Hairdresser Business Coach
  3. Ready-to-go with focussed targets, plus a super simplified system to track and benchmark.

Feel as confident in the product as we are – the three-month break clause means you won’t be ‘locked in’

  1. Floomly has doubled up on customer service support (yep, you heard that right, twice as many as the sector norm). Customer delight is our heritage from The Fantastic Hairdresser (thanks again Dad!).

Created for anyone working in a salon environment – namely salon owners, salon managers, stylists, front of house teams and rent-a-chair salon owners – Floomly’s considered approach eradicates some of the most common ‘tech-aches’ (anxiety alert, please drink camomile tea as you read this)

Too much time pulling reports that show different figures and conflicting information

Constantly ploughing through historic information but really looking to forecast Struggling to get hold of customer service to sort issues and make ‘simple’ changes?

Being told by your software provided ‘I’m afraid we don’t have a report for that’

Constantly waiting for your colleague to finishing checking someone in/out before you can see the diary

Having your software drop out and not having access to vital diary or customer records Being locked into a contract you aren’t happy with

Sam concludes (rather brilliantly if we may say), “At Floomly the reality is that we do it differently, doing it the hairdressing way and being the new BFF in software that has your back.” As a software provider and industry partner, the team at Floomly are passionate about supporting the whole industry with collective challenges such as recruitment and team motivation. Sam continues,” It’s a Floomly future goal to turn our profits and our success into the wider success of the industry. We love this industry, and it has been where our family has worked for over 40 years, we want to help where it’s hurting, and it’s central to our business vision.”

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Editor’s notes:

Floomly is part of the family of Austin-Smith businesses. The launch of Floomly is the accumulation of over 40 years of combined knowledge, experience, rapport, conversations with and findings from salon businesses. Floomly is run by CEO + Founder Sam Austin-Smith, who integrates distinct salon and business coaching experience to the software space to achieve the foremost goal of supporting hairdressers in reaching and meeting their most profitable potential. We use the past to inform the present and to drive the future. It is a future focussed profit principle.