It’s that time of year again, the NHBF Top 100 Influencers Index is back for the third year running and it’s time to get your nominations in – and you can even nominate yourself!


The Index which was introduced after lockdown, celebrates hair and beauty professionals who champion and influence the hair and beauty industry by generously sharing their knowledge and engaging with the industry via their social channels.


Nominations for this year’s Index are now open and will close on 31st July 2023, unlike previous years this year’s awards are only open to those who have an active clientele or column, nominations for brands, salons and barbershops will not be accepted however both freelance and employed industry professionals who meet the criteria.


You can nominate yourself or your favourite industry influencers here:


Each year the NHBF has refined the criteria and this year they have again made changes based on feedback from both those included in the Top 100 and the wider industry. The key principles that are judged by an independent external agency are engagement, consistency of posting, the quality of content and its relevance to the audience. The index also looks at the growth of following – we try and weed out anyone who still has obviously bought their followers (is that even still a thing??) but if these are historic it can be harder to detect.


This year the Index will analyse Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. If you don’t have all three this doesn’t penalise you in any way – it’s just how the analytics are measured.


The final list will be announced in November, follow the NHBF on Instagram to be the first to know.