The NHF urges salons to prepare for tomorrow’s minimum wage rise


The National Hairdressers’ Federation is urging for all salon owners to ensure their payroll and payment processes are fully up to speed in time for tomorrow’s rise in the national minimum wage.

From 1 October all minimum wage rates including adults, 18-20s, under 18s and apprentices will go up and to help salons prepare, the NHF has put together a free, easy-to-understand guide that all employers should check to ensure that they meet their obligations:

The government is now much more aggressive in fining and “naming and shaming” businesses that fail to pay staff the right rate, even if they’ve made a genuine error.  The NHF urges all salons to spend the next two days making absolutely sure their systems, or their payroll provider, are fully compliant.

Currently businesses that fail to pay the minimum wage can be fined £20,000 but the government is pushing legislation through parliament to make it an even tougher £20,000 per each underpaid worker.

NHF chief executive Hilary Hall comments: “Even if you think you’ve got this sorted, go back and double-check that your systems and processes will be compliant when national minimum wage rates change on Wednesday.

“The NHF is here to help, so please use our guide – but it’s important to speak to your provider and check your systems. Don’t be caught out by ‘minimum wage Wednesday’.”

The new National Minimum Wage rates 

Adults             £6.50               up 19p from £6.31

18-20               £5.13               up 10p from £5.03

Under 18        £3.79               up 7p from £3.72

Apprentices* £2.73               up 5p from £2.68

(*under 19s and for first year)