The quest for quality

With so many salons now doing hair extensions, and with such a diverse range of brands out there, what is it that clients and extensionists are looking for?

Remi Cachet’s founder Victoria Lynch talks to Salon Magazine about the key points you should consider if you are looking to take on a new brand, some questions to think about, and her tips to find the extension brand.

First of all think about your existing range, or previous experience and write a wish list of what you as a business and what your customers need, and let this guide you through the process.

Quality: This goes without saying surely? But with so much choice of hair out there and a lot of marketing blurb, how do you know which ones will give you and your clients the best quality for a fair price? With little regulation on hair, the claims such as A* ratings vary and so does the amount of human hair even in the 100% human hair labelled products.

Naturally, working with a reputable, well-established brand will help but don’t be afraid to ask for a hair sample so you can test it. Check the elasticity of the hair, feel the hair to check for silicon coatings. Wash it to check for colour fade and how the hair performs after washing. Repeat checking the elasticity and see how it dries naturally with the wave.

You should be able to do some social media searches for salons using the brand to see what they are saying about the hair including comments about how long the hair lasts and wears etc.

Another important factor is consistency with quality. Batch after batch. Join some positive Extension Groups on Facebook to learn more about the positive experiences other extensionists are having and don’t be afraid to contribute to the groups to get more from them!

If you are looking to completely change brands then think how you will introduce this to your clients and what changes they will notice. If you are keeping your current brand, then how does this range fit with your clients?

Training: Whilst this is not our main focus as stylists can order from us without completing our training, we are committed to excellent training and are HABIA endorsed. We do not accept Trade Accounts from extensionists without similarly approved training and would advocate professionally training your additional staff (not in-house training in case any bad habits are passed on), but to also encourage your staff to learn about the brand they are promoting and have a broader range of skills. Refresher training is always essential to improve skills and learn new techniques.

Our January training is already sold out, so plan ahead and get booked in!

Customer Service: Before you purchase, make sure you understand the business’ terms & conditions, returns policy and the mechanisms for doing this.   Make sure you check their online reviews with Facebook and other brands such as but read the reviews yourself to make your opinion. You will probably have some good experience of good and bad reviews to see through them sometimes!

Support & opportunities: The customer buys the service directly with you, but both your salon and the customer need to know the hair extensions have the backing of a professional company behind it for support including aftercare range, marketing materials, and to create opportunities to get involved in. You want to know your business relationship isn’t just about your purchases, but that you can have a say in how the business evolves to make it even better, and when opportunities knock, you can get involved more like our Super Stylists who tour the world with us, get exclusive insights into new products and get the Exclusive Range just to themselves!

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