The salon chain changing the hairdressing industry one Chop at a time

Kaye Sotomi and Laure Ferrand are the founders of Chop Chop London, a chain of hairdressing salons that launched in London last year.

But, there is nothing usual about this new business. Chop Chop is ripping up the rulebook by providing a completely new way of hairdressing, offering customers of all genders cuts at the same price.

Chop Chop are offering time-poor Londoners a range of gender-neutral cuts and styles, each delivered in only 20 mins for £20.

The salon is 70% more sustainable than others as it often carries out dry cuts, it allows customers that want to schedule ahead to book online via its app, and uses iZettle to accept contactless payments from walk-ins.

But, there is no stopping this new style of Chops as Kaye reveals the company has plans to open two to three more salons this year, with its largest Chop opening in  an iconic North West Location in just a few months’ time.