The Salon Directory

Manic Panic UK has recently launched their brand new salon feature, the Manic Panic UK Salon Directory. This exciting new tool is an opportunity for salons that stock and use the Manic Panic products for their vivid creations to get themselves on the map and utilise this feature to promote their services to local customers.

With the Manic Panic UK Salon Directory, salons can promote the services and skills available from their businesses. With space to describe all essential details, Manic Panic UK encourages salons to outline the whole experience that a client can expect during their appointment. This includes the atmosphere and vibe of the salon, any specialist services available, particular selling points that could broaden and maximise their clientele and more. Considering key selling points can be a successful way of becoming a unique and prominent option for future clients; some that Manic Panic UK has included are as follows:

  • Vivid Colour Specialist
  • Gender Neutral
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Neurodiverse and Mental Health Friendly
  • Award Winning Salon

Manic Panic UK is happy to discuss other selling points that a salon may wish to include on their directory page.

Other key elements that are included on the directory pages are details such as address, telephone number, email address, Whatsapp Business, Google Business and Messenger; nowadays all clients choose to contact through a variety of mediums so ensuring the salon includes the relevant and most efficient business contact details is key to successful promotion. This feature also includes an interactive map that allows viewers to easily identify the location of each salon visually.

Social media is a rising platform for salons and stylists to promote their work and skill set to a wide audience. The Manic Panic UK Salon Directory covers the opportunity to include links directly to your chosen social media pages including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest and even your own website.

Signing up for the Manic Panic UK Salon Directory is a simple process that can be completed within 5 minutes. A sign-up form has been included on the Manic Panic UK website that contains fields for each part of the Salon Directory page; it also allows you to summarise and include all key points and services within your salon that you wish to be included.

Once you have completed your sign-up form, the Manic Panic UK team will review your application for input within 3 working days. If the team requires any more information, they will email the address provided on the sign-up form with any queries.

So, are you a Manic Panic stockist and a regular user of the brand within your business? Sign up to the Manic Panic UK Salon Directory today to get your business on the map!