THE SALON Magazine would like to introduce you to Éternelle..

eternelle 1Éternelle is a unique brand that is synonymous with quality, innovation and creativity and embodies a world of beauty and elegance.

Éternelle entertains the Beauty lovers and quality savvy generation. It aspires to be the preferred treasure for Beauty industry gurus and experts, iconic presence in world class spas and salons and landmark for floors of world renowned beauty stores.

Many professionals including some celebrity makeup artists Including Louise Page endorsed the brand.eternelle 2

Éternelle is evolved from the heritage of beauty and reinvigorate the ideology of beauty from what we see to what we sense. It is an experience, and aura of feeling.  This brand is launched after a thorough research on beauty and narrates a story from the conception of grooming and beauty from Egyptians in 10,000 BC. Grooming is evident from rhetoric of many civilisations be it Egyptians, Greeks, or Arabs. The use of Neolithic ointments to groom, beauty tools such as applicators to dispense kohl as eyeliner or keeping crafted mirrors inhabit historically from all cultures.


Éternelle can be a gift for someone special, a tool to enhance magic of beauty gurus or for personal use.  Each unit is packed to keep the item safe and secure in a classy looking packaging. The main categories Éternelle is serving are Eyes, Face, Hair, Hand and feet.


We Present Éternelle Glass Nail file and Foot file. These files are made in Europe and come with a life-time guarantee. The flex strength of these nail files is much harder than normal glass files. That is why everyone loves our glass nail and foot files and they are endorsed by many make up professionals including Louise Page- International Hair and Make-up artist.




Gold Package: Buy a foot file stand of 36 with minimum earning of over £700 and save at least £300

Platinum Package: Buy a stand of 36 small and 36 large nail files with minimum earning of over £900 and save at least £400


All stockists will have free listing on our website and mention in national campaigns.


For further information, please visit eternelle-beauty.cometernelle 3