The Titans of Microneedling and Microexfoliation

Bio-Therapeutic’s versatile bt-titan® MN delivers the ultimate in precision, power, and performance.

Bio-Therapeutic has led the professional industry in technology accelerated skin care for nearly fifty years, and while the brand got its start as the pioneer of frequency specific microcurrent, it has quickly revolutionized many of the industry’s go-to technologies. We have taught over 52 workshops across UK and Ireland in total since 2020, and trained over 650 professional skin therapists.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the bt-titan MN, the handheld microneedling platform that delivers incredible levels of customization in a durable, rechargeable handheld that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of performance despite its compact footprint. Featuring a powerful and fully adjustable motor delivering up to 16,000 RPM, the handheld can be used interchangeably with one of three different, single use hygienic cartridge options. Cartridges are quick to change, so skin professionals can even select between nanotip microexfoliation, 12 microneedle, or 36 microneedle cartridges.

“As a professional skin therapist myself, I know the importance of not only delivering full size power in compact footprints, but also in giving the ability to easy customize the service for every zone of the facial landscape,” says David Suzuki, CEO of Bio- Therapeutic. “This was a core focus of the bt-titan MN’s development. But, more importantly, it also led to the innovation of the Nano Tip Cartridges.”

Featuring an microscopic pyramid matrix, the Nano Tip Cartridges deliver incredibly precise microexfoliation to the skin without penetrating into the living tissue, making them a versatile choice for a number of service scenarios.

The bt-titan MN powerplants are available in two distinct models, each aimed at a specific sector of the industry. The bt-titan MN Model MD features an adjustable length up to 2.5 mm, while the bt-titan MN Model AE has an adjustable length up to 1.5 mm, giving service managers the ability to equip their centers according to the service profile.

“The bt-titan MN represents a true union of performance and customization, with six potential hardware configurations that can be adjusted for speed and length into an almost infinitely nuanced service,” says Suzuki. “Gone are the dark ages of skincare one-size-fits-all approach.”

The bt-titan MN Model MD and the bt-titan Model AE are available now from

Bio-Therapeutic is a minority, family owned company based in Seattle, Washington. The company was founded nearly 50 years ago on an understanding that the human body is itself an electrical system and sought to bring Eastern concepts of wellness together with cutting edge technology innovation. The company is owned by husband and wife team, David and Dena Suzuki, and is still boldly pushing the boundaries of skin care innovation from their headquarters in Seattle. Bio-Therapeutic is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, MDSAP accredited, ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 certified, and all equipment is CE safety compliant. Bio-Therapeutic designs and assembles its equipment locally in Seattle, and ships to more than 35 countries worldwide.