The Ultimate Mobile Workstation

MYKITCO has launched two limited edition makeup bags that will bring ease and convenience to your makeup kit! We asked all the important questions about these products, so you don’t have to…

Who are MYKITCO? 

Co-founded by celebrity makeup artist James Molloy, MYKITCO was founded in 2015 with a mission to be the leading makeup kit brand across the globe. After co-founder James Molloy left his role as the Asia Ambassador for MAC Cosmetics, he spotted a gap in the market to create high-quality, industry-standard tools at an affordable price. Powered by putting the fun in functional, all MYKITCO products are curated with makeup artists in mind.

Why have you designed these limited editions? 

As a busy makeup artist, we know that our world changes daily, and our makeup kit needs to be adaptable and ready for anything. The iconic MY BRUSH BUDDY is loved by over 40,000 makeup artists across the globe, so we wanted to provide a way of enhancing its functionality for our community. It was super important to provide a mobile workstation that can keep up with the job and keep you organised while on the go. These bags give you endless options to pack and organise, whether you’re at your makeup station or busy on set!

Who are they designed for? 

They are perfect for all busy artists in the industry who are in need of a reliable workstation that is as versatile as them!

MY BIG BRUSH BUDDY BASE: DELUXE EDITION is the ultimate kit solution for a bridal makeup artist, while MY SMALL BRUSH BUDDY BASE: DELUXE EDITION is designed with a salon-based artist in mind.

What features will benefit me? 

One of the features we know you will love is the large back pocket in MYBIG BRUSH BUDDY BASE: DELUXE EDITION, which is perfect for storing your face and eyeshadow palettes securely for travel while also being kept at a quick and easy access once placed on your workstation. Another amazing feature is the dividers found in the side pockets of MY SMALL BUDDY BASE: DELUXE EDITION that allow you to micro-organise your must- have products and keep them secure whilst on the go. All DELUXE BASES come with three different straps for you to change whenever you need! Offering a short handle that allows you to move from workstation to workstation with ease, while the neck strap has a foam finish to make it super comfortable to carry and grab products quickly and with ease.

The beauty truly lies in the functionality of these bags!


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