TikTok inspired

In an exclusive interview with Lulubells Lashes Owner, Leila Peacock, we’re sharing all the details on how the much-loved brand rose to fame and her tips on capitalising on social media to boost your business.

Introduce us to Lulubells Lashes and what the brand strives to achieve.

I created Lulubells for one main reason, finding a lash for everyone. I booked myself onto an eyelash extension course as I wanted offer this to clients. This sparked my love for lashes even more! TikTok helped me to connect with other small businesses and share Lulubells Lashes. After a few months, I had my first viral video and from then we have grown to over 150K followers. I started with strip lashes, now I have three collections and the DIY lash extension range. I won’t stop until I cover everyone’s lash needs!

How can a salon capitalise on viral trends using the range?

By jumping on trends in the lash industry it allows you to have options for all your clients. When they need a break from individuals, you can give them the option to buy lashes in the salon. If they can’t afford the maintenance, find a DIY extension style that is similar to what they usually get. Being able to use the DIY at-home lash extensions, your client will appreciate your expertise and alternative offering.

What is your best-seller and why do you think this product has gained such popularity?

My DIY Lash Extensions have been my best selling range since launching in April 2022. After going viral on TikTok for my ‘I am never getting lash extensions again’ posts reaching 4-6 million views, my first batch sold out in just over two months. After my second sell out, I invested a lot of time and money into creating a bigger range, new packaging, and more products. The Lulubells re-brand reflects the quality of my products and the effort I put into my business. I think the main reason the DIY Lash Extensions have done so well is not only the price point, but the opportunity to be creative. I currently stock seven styles of clusters and four pre-mapped lash styles, all designed to mimic the look of lash extensions. For example, the LL10 lashes are similar to classic lash extensions. These all come in both C and D curl as being a lash technician I found these to be the most popular curls as they complement each eye shape.

What is the brand’s goals for the future?

My overall goal for Lulubells is to have the largest range of lash styles, I never want anyone to shy away from lashes due to their lack of knowledge or not knowing where to look. I’d love to be stocked in salons to be used by professionals across the country to make Lulubells easily accessible for everyone. As I continue to grow my brand, I am excited to share my products with the world and find lash solutions for every customer.