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Get five day barrel curls with Zen luxury hair extensions!

The barrel curl is making its return again, and with party season in full swing, clients are looking for the best ways to style their luxurious Zen Hair extensions. Crafted using premium quality 100% Virgin Remy Hair, Zen extensions perform best when the correct hair care procedures are undertaken.

Zen Hair’s UK Educator, Simon Stainton, recommends heat protectors as an essential step before styling, as over exposure to heat can cause damage that leads to weakened, brittle locks. When using hair tools, he advises a heat setting of between 120-130°, ensuring an optimal temperature for styling without the damaging consequences.

“When preparing to style your Zen Hair extensions, remember that curls hold their shape better on rough dried hair,” Simon advised. “If you are blow drying with a brush, ensure you remove 80% of the moisture before attempting to blow dry as this will keep the curl beautifully bouncy for longer. Blowdrying is another great way to style hair as it gives you the versatility to create long lasting volume and curls without the direct heat of using tongs or irons. When using hot tools, make sure you spray a light dusting of hairspray prior to curling as this helps to lock in the curl. Remember, when forming curls with a hot tool, pin the curl first before removing and allow this to completely cool as this will ensure your barrel curl lasts up to five days. Finish with an extension brush when styling, as this is the secret for retaining the shape and protecting bonds.”

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