Treatments For The Stars

In an exclusive interview with Katie Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Alma Lasers, we explore the advantages of offering treatments that are linked with celebrity brand ambassadors to boost reputation and increase bookings.


What benefits do brand ambassadors provide in terms of marketing?

Celebrity ambassadors can provide significant advantages to clinic marketing due to their fame, influence, and large following. All of which act to boost a clinic’s reputation, credibility, and client base. Some key benefits include enhanced business credibility as their association with treatment clinics implies that their services meet high ‘A-list’ standards, boosting trust amongst potential clients. This also means other local ‘micro-influencers’, who also have a large reach, may be more amenable to working with clinics in exchange for a free treatment. It goes without saying, that the star power of ambassadors means marketing content featuring the celebrity is highly attractive to consumers, we often see this gets the highest social engagement and click through rates, as such increasing the success of the clinic’s brand awareness and patient conversion rate.

Of course, with well-known celebrity ambassadors they also have a huge social media following which we can utilise through their channels to educate consumers about the best treatments and further boost brand awareness. Watch this space for lots more clinic marketing benefits coming with our Kate Hudson collaboration!


How does Kate Hudson align with your brand?

The whole of Alma globally are delighted to have Kate Hudson partner with us, since she aligns with Alma values perfectly.

Alma’s CEO, Lior Dayan also commented that, “We are thrilled to welcome Hollywood star Kate Hudson as our new Global Brand Ambassador. Her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication to aesthetics, beauty, and wellness perfectly align with Alma’s mission. Kate has captivated millions worldwide, not only through her acclaimed performances as an actress, but also as an inspiring figure known for her authentic and natural beauty approach. We are truly excited to have her on-board in spreading Alma’s message worldwide.”


What response have your clients had to the partnership?

Clinics who offer Alma treatments are thrilled with the Kate Hudson partnership and the opportunity for celebrity treatment marketing this provides them. This is just one example of Alma’s long term dedication to supporting clinic success. We love to see all the stunning Kate Hudson campaign materials on our customer’s socials and in their clinics. We are in the fortunate position that this is a long-term partnership, for two years initially. So there is lots more to come, especially in terms of marketing assets, for our customers to take advantage of.


Why does Kate Hudson love Alma Lasers?

Kate has experienced Alma’s Harmony multi-platform laser, we loved the video Kate took of her getting this with Nurse Jamie, showcasing her authentic love for the treatment! Nurse Jamie believes everyone should have the Harmony ClearSkin (Er:Glass 1540nm) treatment once a year at least for the best results. Kate has also had Alma ‘Prime’ RF treatments. The newest device in this range is the Opus, which is newly launched in the UK for skin tightening and contouring.

“Partnering with Alma feels incredibly natural because we share the same passion,” said Kate Hudson.

“I’ve personally experienced Alma’s Harmony and Accent Prime treatments, and what I really like about them is that I could visually see the results on my skin. Alma’s dedication to promoting aesthetic solutions that enhance natural beauty truly resonates with me. I believe in empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident in their own bodies, and Alma makes it happen.”