Treatwell embarks on its Diversity & Inclusion journey toward a more welcoming beauty industry for everyone

Introducing the “LGBTQIA+ friendly” badge to signpost safe salons for inclusive treatment on Treatwell’s marketplace

“Treat everyone well” is Treatwell’s Pride and beyond brand campaign, with over 10,000 professionals across Europe already joining the initiative

London, July 2023 – As its first significant step towards creating a more inclusive beauty industry, Treatwell, the leading platform in Europe for booking hair, beauty, and wellness treatments, is introducing the “LGBTQIA+ friendly” badge. This badge serves as a guide for users, signposting salons on Treatwell’s marketplace that pledge to provide inclusive treatment and welcoming experiences for everyone.

In an ideal world where beauty is intended to pamper and empower individuals, the reality of the industry is far from perfect which means limited accessibility, gendered treatments, and narrow beauty standards. Understanding the need for change, Treatwell is launching its impactful new brand campaign, “Treat everyone well”. This journey starts by embracing diversity within Treatwell’s own name and extends to support underrepresented LGBTQIA+ communities, especially following the celebrations of Pride month.

The introduction of the “LGBTQIA+ Friendly” badge enables Communities to easily find and book salons where they can feel accepted and affirmed. This badge is awarded to salons that wholeheartedly embrace inclusivity and willingly commit to Treatwell’s pledge to pride. The pledge can be accepted by salons digitally on a dedicated landing page* thereby declaring their unwavering dedication to upholding Pride values** with every booking.

Recognizing the importance of long-term dedication, Treatwell is going to implement comprehensive education programs to equip partners with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance inclusivity. Looking ahead, Treatwell plans to expand its inclusivity efforts to address the specific needs of underrepresented groups, including factors such as accessibility, religion, and ethnicity.

«The beauty industry has long been burdened by biases, but now is the time for a change. With our extensive network of over 50,000 salons across Europe, Treatwell can play a pivotal role in driving this transformation by leveraging our collective power for good and leading the way in this transformative movement» declares Giampiero Marinò, CEO at Treatwell «We see this as a defining “before and after” moment in the history of beauty, and we are resolute in our commitment to lead this revolution, both externally and internally.» added Marinò.

The development of the “Treat everyone well” campaign was indeed a collaborative effort that involved the entire company. Guided by an inside-out approach, Treatwell engaged its employees, both those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ Communities and those who are not, and conducted various internal research from the very beginning to gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs and validate its ideas.

«We are thrilled to see that over 10,000 professionals across Europe have wholeheartedly embraced Treatwell’s mission of making beauty a more inclusive space for everyone and we are determined to continuously increase this number through the unwavering efforts of our dedicated teams.» concluded Marinò.


* For further information on how Treatwell salons can badge their business visit

**Pride values: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence


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