Unlock a Thriving Business Opportunity with Brow & Lash Bar: Join the RefectoCil® Franchise in the UK

Salon System, the UK distributors of the world market leader RefectoCil, are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity to be part of the RefectoCil Brow + Lash Bar  franchise. This venture invites passionate entrepreneurs and beauty enthusiasts to join the booming beauty industry and become a part of an internationally acclaimed brand.

About RefectoCil®

RefectoCil, the world market leader in lash and brow tinting products, has been a pioneer for over 90 years. With a presence in over 70 countries, RefectoCil continues to set the standard for beauty professionals worldwide. The brand’s commitment to excellence and continuous development ensures franchisees receive top-tier products and support, making it the ideal choice for those looking to invest in the beauty sector.

Introducing RefectoCil® Brow + Lash Bars

RefectoCil Brow + Lash Bars offer a complete treatment package, including shaping, colouring, and care, delivered by skilled brow and lash experts. These bars prioritise exceptional customer service that goes beyond technical skills, creating a space where customers trust the expertise of their beauty professionals. Due to the success of the existing Brow + Lash Bars in Austria, which have achieved cult status with customers and the press, RefectoCil is now expanding its franchising business model into the UK market.

Franchise Benefits

The RefectoCil Brow + Lash Bars franchise offers a unique and profitable business model designed to cater to the growing demand for lash and brow services. Franchisees will benefit from:

  1. Proven Business Model: Leverage a successful and established business model refined over years of operation. Benefit from the expertise and support of a globally recognised brand.
  2. Comprehensive Training and Support: Receive extensive training in RefectoCil products, application techniques, and business operations. Ongoing support ensures franchisees are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.
  3. Exclusive Products: Offer clients exclusive access to RefectoCil high-quality lash and brow tinting products, known for their exceptional results and long-lasting effects.
  4. Marketing and Promotional Assistance: Gain access to RefectoCil marketing strategies and promotional materials.
  5. Growing Market: Tap into this rapidly expanding beauty treatment. The lash and brow sector has seen significant growth in recent years, with consumers increasingly seeking professional services for enhancing their natural beauty.

Tailored Services for Every Client

RefectoCil understands that a natural, individually tailored look is the top priority for customers. Eyebrows and eyelashes are optimally emphasised through shaping, care, and individual colouring treatments, bringing out the unique advantages of every face shape. The franchise RefectoCil Brow + Lash Bars offer a range of services from 15-minute to 1-hour treatments, including:

  • Brow Styling Journey
  • Brow Lifting
  • Styling & Cleansing Brows
  • Custom Colour
  • Lash Styling
  • Brow & Lash Comb

Who Should Apply?

RefectoCil is looking for motivated individuals with a passion for beauty and a drive to succeed. Interested parties can open their own RefectoCil Brow + Lash Bars or transform their existing salon. Ideal candidates include:

  • Beauty professionals seeking to expand their services and increase their revenue.
  • Entrepreneurs with a keen interest in the beauty industry.
  • Investors looking for a profitable and rewarding business opportunity.

To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity or to express your interest, please email Michaela Klamer m.klamer@gwcosmetics.at