Unlocking Beauty Careers

Founded in 2016 out of an urgent demand for replacement staff, we hear from The Wellness Agency (TWA), a specialist recruitment company that sources permanent and temporary staff for the beauty industry nationwide.

Please introduce us to The Wellness Agency and what it strives to achieve.

The idea to create an agency that would support both the therapist and client was born from a nightmare Saturday when 7 out of 14 therapists didn’t turn up. The panic calls minutes before treatments were due to ‘agencies’ with no avail. This experience created the backbone of TWA, with a deep understanding that communication between ourselves, clients, and therapists is key.

In essence, TWA is passionate about the industry’s ability to inspire, empower, and unite people from all walks of life. It’s a world of endless possibilities, from delivering treatments to innovation, and the beauty industry has the power to make a difference. It’s a world that we are wholeheartedly committed to exploring, embracing, and championing for years to come.

What benefits can The Wellness Agency offer a salon business?

Recruiting can be a stressful period for any business owner in the beauty industry. TWA understands, we share a common love for beauty, innovation and self-expression. Utilising the team’s expertise and knowledge, we have built talent pools of industry experts to match clients and candidates in a seamless process.

What support is available throughout the hiring process?

The fundamental aspect of a recruitment agency is to ensure that everybody understands the processes and that we achieve your ideal outcome. We work closely with salon businesses to understand their empire and the candidate profile they desire, assisting with job specs and benchmarking, as well as determining a clear interview and onboarding process for all involved.

What makes your brand stand out from competitors on the market?

The beauty industry is a hub of innovation and evolution, constantly pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and embracing diversity. It’s a place where creativity knows no boundaries, trends are born, and individuality is celebrated. TWA is passionate about ensuring the industry has the recognition and representation it deserves. The opportunities for learning, growth, and personal development are endless, and we will commit to supporting both clients and candidates in their journeys.

 How can our readers work with you?

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