Use your time wisely

Some of us don’t know what to do with all this time on our hands… Flirties have the answer – use the time on your hands (quite literally) and get a free sample pack of their Acrylic and Gel Nail Extension range to practice until your heart’s content.

These are ‘unprecedented times’. We have heard it in the news, and we are all feeling the effects of the current threat of COVID 19. The situation is affecting all of us, our private life as well as all our businesses. Many of us are struggling with the changes but some are (secretly) enjoying a break from the hectic everyday life and the pressure of back to back appointments, long days in the salon and no time for even a cup of tea!

Now we have more time than ever so we’re left asking “how can we maximise this opportunity for our business?” And “what can we do to prepare mentally as well as physically for the reopening of our business?” Or perhaps “How can we try and boost it now so that we simply propel forward once we are allowed?”

There are many things we can do, such as: watch tutorials, work on marketing ideas or just relax with a good book, BUT the nail industry has got one very distinctive advantage compared to other beauty therapists or even lash technicians: We can work on our own hands to keep practicing!
We can come up with new designs, we can create nail swatches and even better; we can try new products.

Benefits of offering nail services:

  • Unlike many others we CAN try new products to see what is out there.
  • We CAN try and improve our technique.
  • We CAN be creative.
  • We CAN practice and get better for when our doors re-open.

All these things will help us to kickstart our business when we get back into action. So, if you want to go for it, then don’t let anyone stop you… Flirties is offering a free sample pack of our Acrylic and Gel Nail extension range to qualified therapists.

All you must do is register at where you can upload your certificate. It is as easy as that to get your free sample.

Please also be aware, this is not just for nail technicians, if you are a lash technician and happy to try new products on your practice head or you want to wax yourself to try our ranges then please feel free to register too.

There are obviously many more exciting advantages to being part of the Flirties crowd; including loyalty schemes, support and chat groups which all helps to get us all through this difficult time.
What are you waiting for? Register now and join our chat group at