Vish take over the world

Achieving a reliable level of profitability in your colour department should be a sure thing, but it is proving elusive on a global scale. We travelled internationally to ask four salons owners how Vish helps make colour work for them.

Pamela Pretorius, Owner of All Shook Up, London, England

“You have got to understand your numbers, down to the last penny. I know the exact costs per bowl, by product, by stylist and it’s allowed me to protect my profit. It’s not just identifying an amount, you also have to communicate that to your team to make sure they understand must not overrun or use more product without consulting and communicating with the client. Once my team hit thresholds I’ve set, changes to the service are triggered through Vish, which are communicated to our front desk team and passed on to the client.”

James Alba, B-Hive Organic Salon, Hillsdale, New Jersey, USA

“Over-dispensing is the great devourer of profit. As much as 40% of colour is mixed and then thrown away. Salons are effectively using and paying for nearly double the quantities they need. Using technology to capture formulas and quantities means the team mixes only what they require, slashing waste. The cash that we didn’t even realise we had is now staying in the business.”

Kristy Hines, Element Lifestyle Aveda, Perth & Sydney, Australia

“Removing the human element in record-keeping was the number one reason we were such early adopters of Vish technology. No matter how diligent a stylist is, often they are too busy to write down formulas or quantities, so they never keep on top of waste. By weighing how much is dispensed and then reweighing the waste gives exact amounts actually used and then Vish automatically saves the formula to the client’s records. It also means if a stylist is off, their colleague can step in to ensure the client isn’t turned away.”

Joshua Miller, Co-Owner of Charlie Miller Salon Group, Edinburgh, Scotland

“At a time when the industry and country face inflation, with rising costs in every area of the business, more than ever we need to look at where there is waste. Colour services are such a key part of our income, but they are also one of the easiest ways to waste money, especially when mixing colour. It is also one of the easiest ways for us to save money. Vish has, for the first time, given us accurate data on what each stylist is using for each service. When we review the data it shows us who is efficient, but also who is mixing up and potentially over applying colour. This means we know exactly where to look and who to coach.”