We’re the beauty solution that you’ve been waiting for

GoGiniPig connects Practicing Professionals in Beauty, Aesthetics, Hair & Wellness to Models so that they can perfect their skills for Training Courses, Case Studies & Portfolios.  We even fill those last-minute slots and get new clients through your door.  

We’ve focused on creating a super-friendly space for beauty professionals to find the perfect “GiniPigs” (our affectionate term for models). 

We understand the challenges that beauty professionals face when it comes to finding reliable models to perfect their treatments and services. That’s why we created this platform – to make it easier and more convenient to find the perfect models for their needs. 

No more practicing on family and friends. We value your time and time is money! No more freebies.  We also know how expensive products are and we want to help you raise your income. 

You can upload a consultation form, to ensure suitability, ask for images if you have a specific look that you would love to create, specify a patch test, list for multiple appointment dates and times, and much more. You can manually accept your GiniPigs, or you can choose for our clever site to automatically accept all bookings.  

Gone are the days of endless posting on social media. We take payment on your behalf, encouraging reliability….and if they don’t attend their appointment, we never want you to be out of pocket, so we give you 50% back.  This is why we are your new Beauty BFFs. 

New clients through your door, and we take the hassle out of booking!  

You can always be a model too and enjoy being the client for some fabulous treatments, with at least 30% off absolutely everything, it would be great for you to take advantage of this! 

We would love to see you there and whether you’re a Professional or a Model, we are here to help you to Glow . Grow . Perfect 

We are FREE to join and are Nationwide throughout the UK.