When a customer says they want the very best…



Every client is different. Of course they are. Just as every woman’s hair has its own texture and style, each is looking for the perfect stylist to help make it their own.

That doesn’t mean there can’t be one product that suits everyone. At Dream Girl when it comes to hair you want to be able to offer your clients the very best.

When the company began sourcing Remi Silky its goal was to find the finest 100 per cent virgin handpicked human hair. It wanted to offer women and their stylists the choice to have glossy, smooth, naturally shiny hair extensions that enhanced their beauty.

Remi Silky is stronger and silkier; it has the cuticle left in. Dream Girl makes sure both the root point is correct as well with all roots pointing in the same direction. This means hair looks more natural and remains tangle free for as long as possible.

What does that mean for you? It means you can confidently offer your customers the very highest quality hair extensions on the market. It means you can transform a woman’s style and enhance her natural beauty making her walk out feeling ten feet tall.

What does it mean for your customers? It means they can source the very best quality hair extensions money can buy.

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