Why go for quality?

The real workhorse of the salon is arguably the styling chair – and this can make or break the salon/client relationship!

One chair just as good as another – right? No! The wrong purchase can make itself known almost immediately.

Why risk this when a quality manufactured and warranted styling chair is such a good investment?

“But my bargain purchase feels so much more soft and squishy!”

We advise that the better salon chairs are firm and supportive. They are designed to ergonomically enhance the experience. Our German-made chairs from Greiner & Olymp are years in development before being brought to the market. Sadly this is becoming a rarity.

Fabrics are more durable and even breathe in some instances. Italian masters Maletti are constantly investing and evolving their ranges (see Mimi from the Boheme range, shown).

Why do we not sell bargain-end products? We prefer to see the chairs giving a trouble-free life for years to come. These are a professional products and are worthy of the investment to enhance and support your business long term.

Our Catalan range from Pahi Barcelona are relative newcomers (being here only since 1975); their attention to detail is impressive.
Ask yourself this question – “Can I risk not buying quality?”

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